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What are your tricks to stay young at heart?

  1. Robie Benve profile image98
    Robie Benveposted 6 years ago

    What are your tricks to stay young at heart?

    What are the things you do that keep your spirit up and your heart young?
    What are your suggestions to keep the vitality and positiveness while aging?

  2. discovery2020 profile image86
    discovery2020posted 6 years ago

    I continue to flirt with the ladies just as I did in my youth.  My wife knows it is only in fun.  It reminds me of what it was like in the "Old days".  You have to keep the heart racing.  I still watch movies that young people watch to keep up on the trends.  I play golf with younger guys.  I always groom to keep my looks as youthful as possible.  And....I try to keep a smile on my face.

  3. Nature calls profile image36
    Nature callsposted 6 years ago

    My 'tricks' for staying young? Well,being just me... Letting my inner child to live. Being childish. Smiling as much as possible. I watch cartoons even though I am 30 years old. I grew up on them,I am still growing and I will grow old on cartoons... Live life! smile

  4. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 6 years ago

    For me it is kids. I learn as they learn. I'm amazed while feeling their joy of discovery and experiencing. Then i ponder what age is a kid? Aren't we kids too? So, I guess the answer for me is the discovery of learning and experiencing newness whether my own or another's. I am partial to a little one's smile when they have that aha experience.

  5. Pamela N Red profile image85
    Pamela N Redposted 6 years ago

    We all get older but we don’t have to feel old. You can make life changes to help you feel better, feel younger and live longer. read more

  6. SOKCGOLD profile image60
    SOKCGOLDposted 6 years ago

    My best advice would be, "Don't take yourself so seriously!" Learn to laugh, especially at yourself. When you get right down to it, we are all fantastically ridiculous creatures. Once you can do that, it is much easier to laugh and find joy at even the simplest things. And then you can experience life with the wonder that a child does.

    I also believe that society's definition of "success" ages us well before our time. We spend so much time running around trying to acquire that we lose all of our joy. Whether it's fame, glory or money, if you can only measure yourself by what you have, you have a sad existence and you probably feel older than the calendar indicates you should.

    Keep a simple life and try new things. I just turned 50, and in the last 10 years I've learned to ride a motorcycle, learned to scuba dive, have learned 2 new languages (Spanish and Portuguese), have traveled to a half dozen South American countries, taken up horseback riding and writing for HubPages. Who has time to feel old?

  7. SunnyItalian profile image59
    SunnyItalianposted 6 years ago

    I met a woman on a recent vacation who was up in age but young at heart. I asked her what her secret was. She said she never skipped dessert. Since than I decided to take her advice. I can honestly say I'm feeling young, happy and healthy. So bring on the cheesecake smile

  8. hoteltravel profile image71
    hoteltravelposted 6 years ago

    Keeping me surrounded by young people. Their energy is infectious and so is their attitude towards life. If this can't keep me young, nothing else can.

  9. Mary Stuart profile image79
    Mary Stuartposted 6 years ago

    I just turned 50 and could not feel better. Ten years ago I made a commitment to treat myself like my best friend. I began doing one nice thing for me every day. That might mean taking a walk, making myself my favorite tea, scrubbing my feet with peppermint scrub... or... well... anything I liked. I had no financial margin at the time so my "be nice to me" deeds never cost money. They did cost me a little time and thoughtful consideration. I think that nurturing the soul helps me stay young. Life is much easier now than it was then in most every way but I still nurture myself daily. I also maintain a solid sense of humor and ma quick to laugh at life. I take care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I also make sure I get a solid dose of serving others, hugs, and time with kids. Kids will certainly keep you young. Tired, but young. smile

  10. pharuk temmy t profile image38
    pharuk temmy tposted 6 years ago

    Well its I like to live like I'm going to die tomorrow,laugh,be happy and stay out of violence,most times I listen music because is the food to my soul.