How does one cope, living in places where the sun shines less than 100 days each

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  1. profile image0
    christinekvposted 6 years ago

    How does one cope, living in places where the sun shines less than 100 days each year?

    Winter blues = Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Is it real and do certain forms of artifical lighting really make a difference?

  2. Jlbowden profile image90
    Jlbowdenposted 6 years ago

    SAD or the winter blues is a real disorder and can be found within the DSM manual of psychiatric/psychological disorders. You do not want to take medications if you possiblly can help it. But many meds such as Wellbutrin Xl, Cymbalta, Elavil, Lexapro etc..can certainly help with increasing the neurepinephrine and dopamine in your brain. But it is much better if you take advantage of the artificial lighting instead. Such as install a larger number of flourescent lighting fixtures in your living quarters if you do not have them already. Flourescent lights have shown to provide significant improvement to those suffering from SAD syndrome. In additon using a sunlamp on occasion will give you that added dose of light however you may want to wear a good suncreen in order to protect your skin from too much exposure. Also you have to keep your mind active and occupied and not think of the doldrums of winter and days that make you feel plain blah! I find writing is a great outlet for me and most likely for a lot of other people. Hope this bit of info. help answer your question.


  3. Sean Evans profile image83
    Sean Evansposted 6 years ago

    I use to think it was just not being motivated, or some kind of back lash of lazyness that still linguers after the Christmas holidays.   Then one day I was going through some old papers to clean them out and thats when I first relized it.  There was a pattern.  My University marks where lower, assignments and exams where always lower in the Winter term.

    Afterwards I tried to correct it and began vitamin D and E supplements but I think it was just placebo effect.  Then this year for the first time in my life I went on a vacation to Dominican republic and what a HUGE difference that made in regards to how I fee.

    So does certain forms of lighting help?  Maybe but I don't think it's enough.  Some say tanning beds but again probably not enough.  I think the key is just go somewhere warmer and sunny and of course working out always helps as well.

  4. meganandruth02 profile image60
    meganandruth02posted 6 years ago

    So true sister!!!  The whole SAD, living where the sun don't shine, making the most of 100 days and most importantly, feeling like a mushroom in a closet.  You know the whole stuck in the dark and being fed a bunch of bullshit thing!
    I recently went for my no I don't want a Pap Smear, no I don't wish to schedule a Mammogram, yes I smoke and drink coffee, yearly physical.
    I have to say, in a world where pills are the answer to the question's of the universe, I proudly answered, Yes, when asked if I use tanning lotion.
    Of course, I added to the question by stating; I go to a tanning booth.  Of course, I use lotion I wouldn't get that certain glow if I didn't.
    My doctor frowned at my reply.  I just smiled.  Why the hell not?  The weather in New Hampshire is more akin to winter year round with a one day reprieve.
    What would you want me to do doctor?  Pop a Zoloft and call you in the morning!

    NH 1 day of summer/17 miles of coastline! Yeah!

  5. Rosie writes profile image87
    Rosie writesposted 6 years ago

    You could go to a tanning salon.  You may be vitamin D deficient which can put you at great risk for many diseases.  Just stay in the bed for a few minutes at a time and never stay in long enough to burn. Don't use high pressure beds as they are only UVA output which is bad for your skin. I know several people who do this on doctor's orders because of SAD.


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