Why PCOS (polycystIc ovarian syndrome) is incurable?

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    soni2006posted 6 years ago

    Why PCOS (polycystIc ovarian syndrome) is incurable?

    Since writing my first hub on PCOS, I have been receiving emails frOm wOmen around the world regarding a cure for this problem. I suggested Evecare from hImalaya herbals which is helpful but does not completely eradicate the Problem. Can u suggest an ultimate remedy or cure.

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    Temirahposted 6 years ago

    Sadly there is no ultimate remedy for PCOS.  Resolving the problems of PCOS involves the slow and ongoing process of symptom control - the hirsuitism, weight gain, infertility, increased cardiovascular risk etc.  Treatments will focus on these and what works one for one woman doesn't work so well for another so there's a lot of trial and error.
    Metformin is a drug used for diabetes and works well in many women in reducing a lot of the symptoms and there are other medical drugs that help.
    There is an increasing amount of evidence that a low GI diet is helpful for women with PCOS - have you tried that yet?
    And cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal are a good addition to medical treatment.
    Sadly one of the reasons that PCOS is incurable is that there is very little money in research into it - it's not a 'sexy' topic like heart disease or cancer.  For far too long it's been seen as a cosmetic problem but it is a threat to the sufferer's health and needs to be taken more seriously.
    Another reason is that it's a complex syndrome that isn't fully understood (and without the research, understanding doesn't improve).
    Many of my patients have suffered for years before they sought treatment or were taken seriously - don't give up pushing for answers.  Find a good endocrinologist and work with her.  Good luck.