How might holistic treatment bridge the closed mind to find the empowerment need

  1. davenmidtown profile image88
    davenmidtownposted 6 years ago

    How might holistic treatment bridge the closed mind to find the empowerment needed to fuel healing?

  2. innerpeaceofmind profile image67
    innerpeaceofmindposted 6 years ago

    I don't think it is the holistic treatment itself (whichever one that may be) that will 'bridge the closed mind', but rather, your own personal experience of the treatment.  I am a great believer in truth being relative to the individual. One holistic treatment may be the fundamental answer for someone's issue, but to another, it could be labelled as absolutely useless.

    I think most holistic treatments, in one way or another, serve their purpose (and with a much more understanding and conscious approach than that of 'mainstream medicine'). It is about looking at the client and what they are dealing with from an inclusive perspective, rather than one that is exclusive. The bottom line is (in my personal opinion), empowerment for your own healing will ultimately come directly from within you. Holistic treatments are merely guidance tools/systems to remind you of your inner, natural healing ability.

    Hope this helps, and all the best on your journey!

  3. True Cures profile image60
    True Curesposted 6 years ago

    Holistic Treatment isn't a bridge to empowerment.  It isn't even a road to empowerment.  It is placebo and as such a distraction from actual healing. 

    Empowerment comes from understanding the science behind the placebo holistic treatments so that healing can be completely consistent instead of hamana hamana woo woo placebo.

    The human body is designed to be disease free and immune to all diseases.  The failure in human immunity comes from human dependence on BELIEFS instead of actuality or 'factuality'.   It is well know that a person must "BELIEVE" in holistic treatment before they can see any possible results.  When it comes to the science of placebo one does not have to believe they simply need control and to do that they must dismiss their BELIEF. 

    Empowerment is immunity and disease free and everyone of us has that capacity.  It's called the True Cures Evolution Revolution.  Now that's empowerment but it isn't profitable.