Does holistic medicine really work?

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  1. gamergirl profile image61
    gamergirlposted 8 years ago

    Does holistic medicine really work?

  2. profile image0
    close2healthposted 8 years ago

    While treating a patient, the physician has to prescribe different kind of pills for multiple illnesses but with single herbal nutrition, the whole body, mind and the spirit can be treated without adding variety of pills for the safe treatment.  I have the knowledge of such miraculous ancient single herbal nutrition blessed with ultimate holistic healing qualities.  The single herbal product works entirely on the hard and soft cells of the body and it helps in balancing up our body system and improves immunity against diseases.  It helps in fighting the unwanted foreign cells such as bacteria and viruses etc. by cleansing toxic deposits from body, strengthen the natural healing ability of the body, convert abnormal cells into normal cells, strengthening the resistance of the body and thus improve overall health.  Take care and best of health!

  3. Dorothee-Gy profile image67
    Dorothee-Gyposted 8 years ago

    If you mean with holisitic medicine an approach that sees body and soul as a unity and treats both at the same time, my answer is wholeheartedly YES!

    I have seen the most astonishing healings with energetic healing techniques, so I know that nothing is impossible as soon as you look for the emotional cause of any illness instead ofjust putting band aids on top of it.

  4. puebloman profile image59
    pueblomanposted 8 years ago

    As long as you are not actually ill, it works in all sorts of ways. It relieves you of your surplus cash. It relieves you of your surplus time. It's a form of narcicism - you get to think deeply and irrelevantly about yourself.

    I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for thirty years. Had I indulged in this rubbish (and I had plenty of opportunities) I would certainly be dead. Not only that, I would have died believing that I was somehow responsible for cultivating the emotional state that "caused" the disease.

    These pseudo theories give rise to ridiculous notions such as that someone who contracts colonic cancer is "angry". Read Susan Sontag on this. She kicks stupid ass in a very satisfying way.

  5. annewhitefield profile image59
    annewhitefieldposted 8 years ago

    in a scientific point of view, the effect of holistic medicine is generally psychological. so it could be that if ever somebody is healed from such thing, then it might be that he/she was healed because of his/her psychological mindset.

  6. darrylcrawford profile image70
    darrylcrawfordposted 8 years ago
  7. Tatjana-Mihaela profile image57
    Tatjana-Mihaelaposted 8 years ago

    I would be dead a long time ago without holistic medicine, and for me it worked for chronic issues as well.

    The problem with people for whom holistic approach does  not work is that they expect that they should be fixed as cars (pay money to the mechanic, he will do the whole job, so car can be driven again up till the moment something gets wrong. But who cares? Mechanic will fix the problem  for money again.) what is certainly not the case in healing. 

    Holistic approach to the health requires that ill person also gets personally involved in the process of self-healing and is willing to understand that behind every chronic condition is psychological cause and/or unhealthy style of life that leads to the disease.

    For me and many other people holistic medicine is excellent and it always works!


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