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Do you have a weight loss success story?

  1. RicoShae profile image66
    RicoShaeposted 6 years ago

    Do you have a weight loss success story?

    Looking to get inspired :]

  2. gethealthyUSA profile image53
    gethealthyUSAposted 6 years ago

    Yes I do.  I struggled with my weight in my 20's yo-yo'ing up and down 30 lbs at a time.  I'm not sure why 30 was the magic number, but I would hit that 30 lbs. marker and go back to my old ways.  My biggest problem was eating the proper nutrients on a regular basis, and exercising properly.  After years of trying to do it on my own, I finally found a trainer I would listen to (I'm pretty stubborn, so this was an accomplishment!). 

    It wasn't easy, but each time I hit a new size, or did something I couldn't do before we celebrated.  Not in just a "yeah, go you" - high 5 celebration; we're talking jumping up and down, hooting and hollering and really making it an affair to remember.  Looking back, these moments were so important to keeping me motivated and moving onward and upward (or down rather).

    I worked out with my trainer 2 days a week, on my own for 1 day, and did cardio with my dog every day except Sundays.  I also worked with her nutritionist, and eventually lost 73 lbs.  I've kept it off for almost 10 years now. 

    It was important to them to not just help me lose weight, but to teach me what I needed to know to create lifelong healthy habits.  It started with just a few healthy choices a week, to one healthy choice a meal.  In becoming a trainer and nutrition specialist myself, it has remained my goal to teach my clients the same thing because .... It works! 

    The weight I lost was not an easy journey, but I am so grateful that I went through those months of hard work.  It's important to reminding me where I came from.  I will never forget the moments when I worried that I wouldn't "fit" into something, or be able to do something simple when someone else could. 

    The satisfaction of seeing yourself progress, and feeling better is the greatest motivator you can have.  Take pictures of yourself along the way, and don't look at them for the first 3 months.  Get through those first 12 weeks, then take a look at your progress through your pictures.  You see yourself in a mirror every day, pictures don't like -- it's amazing when you stick with it and give yourself a break once in a while.  Expect 80% of what you're trying to accomplish, and you'll hit those average 2 lbs. of weight loss per week.

    Good luck! You ARE WORTH IT, and You CAN do this!

  3. profile image0
    jasper420posted 6 years ago

    Yes! I lost over 50 pounds getting motivated was the hard part but it was so worth it in the end I changed my diet and walked the dog every day I made goals that were realistic for my situation so that I would not end up discourged or disapointed in myself it felt so good when I started to notice results and even better when others saw that my hard work and dedication were working for me.

  4. ahagen profile image60
    ahagenposted 6 years ago

    There are many success stories out there. I did lose about 20 lbs by simply cutting out wheat and corn (including corn syrup) from my diet (I had food allergies). I am a distributor for Livinity now and we distribute health and wellness products.  Our current promotion is called get the skinny and focuses on our weightloss system which is all natural products.  Go hear the story of one individual at gettheskinny.net.  If you want some natural products to help you, go to www.livinity.com/sandsangel or email me mokshaangel@yahoo.com and I will send you some information.