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Do you think that some people labeled as ADHD, ADD,etc are just extremely creati

  1. Charlu profile image81
    Charluposted 5 years ago

    Do you think that some people labeled as ADHD, ADD,etc are just extremely creative and expressive?

    We all know there are those that need medication and have disorders, but do you think there are some that are just extremely creative and need to express it?  Do you know anybody like this?

  2. Lastheart profile image65
    Lastheartposted 5 years ago

    By labeling is that money gets into many pockets. I know not only one but many humans that has been labeled and put under treatment unnecessarily.  Great question for a hub.

  3. meloncauli profile image97
    meloncauliposted 5 years ago

    Good question. My son who has ADHD was actually found to be 'gifted'. He spent far too long on medicating to suppress him. I bought him an electric guitar and he taught himself. He is a fine guitarist now. He hasn't been on medication for about 6 years.
    Is it another case of keeping what appears to be masses of children quiet?

  4. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 5 years ago

    absolutely. i think in far too many cases, kids get that label just because they are highly intelligent or hyper. parents seem to be lazy these days and are looking for anything that will make raising a kid easier.

  5. gramon1 profile image75
    gramon1posted 5 years ago

    As a behavior analyst I have worked with many children with ADHD. I, myself, have a mild form of ADHD.  In my experience, between medication, lack of empathy on the part of teachers and other adults, parents getting fed up constantly with them, etc. children with ADHD become under performers, act up, get in trouble often, and get used to fail.
    Very intelligent children with ADHD have the advantage that they learn with a glance at the books or by listenning to an explanation. These kids are often popular, have friends in different groups, succeed whenever they want, and perform unevenly in areas they are not interested. For instance, if they don't like history, they will flunk one test and ace another, to average a passing grade.
    Creativity is not a consequence of ADHD. However, when a child with ADHD is very intelligent and or creative, it tends to become noticeable by the uneveness of his performance and moments of brilliance.

  6. Stanar profile image60
    Stanarposted 5 years ago


    gramon1 gave you from his personal experience a clear explanation. if i might add from my own graduate studies from recent findings including my brother's life long battle with adhd that each of us is totally unique. Our brain is made up a 100,000,000 neurons. Each neuron has 10,000 dentritic connections. It might be easy to see that no individual should be placed in a box by labeling, since each individual is subjective in nature and perspective and each will respond differently. What is common in add and adhd is that they have attention deficit; they have difficulty focusing, and that they are overactive. Outcomes manifest itself in varying  degrees, which needs a trained therapists to accurately diagnois his or her deficits as well as his or her own capacities.

  7. profile image49
    Heart of Ashposted 5 years ago

    Some may be creative and/or expressive though most are just misunderstood.  Each case of this disorder or gift(however you see it) I believe is unique as each person is unique though the condition is the same the person inside isn't.  It may be that some are just trying desperately to be heard, to be able to express themselves.  Medication should always be the last option in my opinion yet so many in today's society make it their first and only option.  It makes it hard for a lot in today's world to express themselves due to this over medicated population, making them zombified robots unable to do as they wish or say how they feel.  I don't think those with ADD or ADHD are just much more creative but more likely just needing to generally express themselves in any sense as uniquely and differently from person to person.  Those that are heavily medicated I can see would be of much need to express themselves more so due from the suppression brought on by the medication itself which could lead to them to find different and perhaps creative outlets.  Lack of understanding and lack of effort(from parents, teachers etc) for the diagnosed individual can lead you to kept a child from what would have been average creative and expression or could be above and beyond average.  I do believe there are sometimes when medication is needed but like I said not everyone is as creative and expressive as everyone else and same goes weather you have ADD, ADHD or HIV or the flu.  I do believe some are just really expressive and they bring it with such energy that they do get misunderstood because of the ADD or ADHD.