Do you have an "invisible" illness? How do people treat you and what would you l

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  1. mbwalz profile image89
    mbwalzposted 6 years ago

    Do you have an "invisible" illness? How do people treat you and what would you like them to know?

    "Invisible" illnesses can include depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or a long list of illnesses that leave the ill person sick but looking perfectly normal. They have no braces, casts, wheelchairs, or other outward appearance of an illness.

  2. The Stages Of ME profile image64
    The Stages Of MEposted 6 years ago

    I think all people have an invisible illness.  For some it may be physical others emotional and still others just the daily stresses that combat their livelihood, in this economic down turn.  I realized some time ago that no one pain is great than another's.  One hang nail in the life of a woman who may have lost her husband and is struggling to raise her children on her own could be much greater a pain even if the loss occurred years before.  Pain is illness and all people suffer some type of hidden pain.  I do recognize also the lack of compassion our world sometimes shows to the pains of others and in the case of an invisible illness, I am sure "but you look great" can be a defeating comment.  Technically we all look great at times when screaming on the inside.  So I wish we could all realize everyone has an invisible illness, so approach gently and be loving and compassionate to one another.  After reaching out then ask to be listened to.
    A give and take of support could make for a lot less pain in this world.  Peace in your stages and God Bless

  3. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 6 years ago

    I have a speech impediment. I have written about in in one of my Hubs about bullies. It is a physical handicap, but it is invisible. If you see a person using a cane  and a seeing-eye dog, using a wheel chair, or missing a limb, or having a seizure  or some other similar event, you would not say, "You could see if you just tried harder. You could walk if you wanted to, just put one foot in front of the other."

    When you are speech impaired, people do say, "All you have to do is slow down and concentrate." Or they will attempt to become instant speech therapists and try to show you an over-exaggerated way of saying the word.

    I did get some good therapy when I was in college. However, I do talk too fast. I do say the w sound for the r sound or the r for the L. With a name line mind, having problems with those sounds can be a problem.

    This was a bigger issue when I was in school. It was a lesser problem in the workplace--there were some who were uncomfortable around me, but all they had to do was ask me to repeat something if they did not understand.

    My wife and i met on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. My wife and friend worked in the same office building. So after our first double date, with my friend and his girlfriend, he has the lady who was destined to be my wife (she did not know it then, but I did) what she thought of me.

    "He was real nice, but I had trouble understanding him sometimes," she said.

    He replied, "Tell him to say it over and get it right."

    That is all people have to do. I will try my best.

    But trust me, this is an invisible illness.

  4. DanaTeresa profile image82
    DanaTeresaposted 6 years ago

    Millions of people walk around with illnesses that are invisible. You would never know by looking at them that they struggle with a condition that impacts every day of their life. I am one of those people. read more


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