Can taking Melatonin on a regular basis be addictive?

  1. KingDrew profile image83
    KingDrewposted 6 years ago

    Can taking Melatonin on a regular basis be addictive?

    I've been taking a 3mg melatonin nearly every night during the week for a while now. I'm concerned that this may become a problem sometime down the line. Anyone else have experience with this?

  2. Laceylinks profile image76
    Laceylinksposted 6 years ago

    From what I have read, Melatonin is not addictive. It is a natural substance that is produced as part of your body's normal reaction to night and day (i.e., the presence or absence of light rays) and is often Dr. recommended to people with sleep-disruptive conditions as a safe alternative to other sleep aids. What you might consider is this: constant use of melatonin may actually reduce its effectiveness as your body becomes accustomed to a constant high level of it. This would not be considered an overdose, but too much melatonin could cause headaches and upset stomach.