Is it better for an elderly or older person to stay in an institution or just to

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    prettydarkhorseposted 5 years ago

    Is it better for an elderly or older person to stay in an institution or just to live at home?

    In more developed countries, elderly have the option to stay at elderly homes or institutions while in some developing countries, they stay with their children when they get old. This could be a cultural thing. Some also opt to stay on their own, living alone or with their spouse. What are the disadvantages and disadvantages of the different living arrangements?

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    starme77posted 5 years ago

    Disadvantages to living in an elderly home or institution

    #1- Impersonal care. The nurses are on shifts typically with several patients and even though some may feel empathy for the elderly persons they have too many patience to show loving care.

    #2- Caregivers frequently change jobs and so the elderly people are subject to a new caregiver quite often. This can lead to embarrassing moments for them especially when being given a shower by a new caregiver every few weeks.

    #4- The elderly are frequently overly medicated and sedated.

    #5 - The elderly do not thrive in an environment away from what they are familiar with and pass away sooner than they would if they were home.

    Advantages To Living At Home

    #1 - The elderly are able to maintain their independance

    #2 - The elderly thrive within their own environment and thus, live longer.

    #3-  The elderly get better one on one care in the privacy of their own homes or in a loved ones home.

    #4- The elderly are less medicated and more involved in life around them.

    #5 - The elderly have less health issues when living at home as compared to the elderly living in an insitution

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    danstantonposted 5 years ago

    I work with seniors everyday, and I believe the bulk of my clients want to stay at home. The fear of giving up all the things that they worked a lifetime to earn is too much for most.  In home care options are better for the client physically, psychologically, and fiscally. I know when I grow older I don't want to give up my home.