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When did you write the article on the UCLA dental clinic's services?Are the pric

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    chiaroscuro1posted 5 years ago

    When did you write the article on the UCLA dental clinic's services?Are the prices you cite current?

    Hi Ro, I'm particularly interested in the costs for dental implants  I've been going to the dental clinic at NYU in Manhattan.  Their costs are discounted 30% and the cost of a basic dental implant is currently $2690, considerably more than the $800-$880 that you said the UCLA Dental Clinic charges.  It's likely that the costs have gone up since you wrote your article but I can't imagine they've gone up much if you wrote the article fairly recently Also, are you certain that this is how much they charged for an implant when you went there? I called them but it's hard to get someone on the phon.

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    madam roposted 5 years ago

    Hi Chiaroscuro.  I wrote the article around 3 years ago, but I'm still a current patient at the UCLA dental school.  The price of their gold crowns went up around $100 because the price of gold has gone up, but everything else has stayed pretty much the same, maybe a $20 - $50 increase at most.  Their prices are still approximately 50% of the average LA prices for dental care.  LA prices for a dental implant can start as low as $1000 and go up as high as $5000 but realistically it's more like $1500 - $2100.
    It is really difficult to get an exact figure though on how much treatment costs at the school because  much of the time preparatory work is needed that can incur further costs.  Did you try calling 310 206 3904?  That's the number specifically for the general student clinic.  If you're considering having treatment done in LA I would also recommend that you check out USC dental school as they have a similar program.  Maybe compare reviews on yelp.

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    chiaroscuro1posted 5 years ago

    Hi Ro, Thanks for your helpful reply and suggestion.  I just called the number you gave me and the woman said that she couldn't give me the price for dental implants because a different clinic does them  She told me to call 310 825-3072, but I get a recording there.  i guess I'll have to keep trying.  At any rate, it sounds like implants are substantially cheaper in LA than in NYC.  The average cost to get an implant from a dentist in private practice in the NY/NJ area is $3300.  And, the cost can go up to as much as $4000 or $5000 if you need a bone graft or sinus lift, respectively.  I am considering moving to LA and will delay getting the two implants I need if the cost is more affordable there.  Honestly, I think you get better care when you go to a university clinic for medical care, because the dentists/doctors there have to be accountable if something goes wrong, they are up on the latest techniques, you can get multiple opinions, if needed, and the faculty members are often leaders in their field.  I actually got to meet the guy who invented the implant procedure, Dr. Tarnow, who was the director of the clinic at NYU.  All these benefits, plus the work is cheaper!!!  I've had bad experiences with doctors and dentists in private practice, but have been nearly 100% satisfied with the work I've gotten done at NYU (except it is a little pricey for a dental clinic).  Plus the clinic there is really clean, modern, and is well run.  Is this also true of the dental clinic you to to at UCLA?

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      madam roposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi again.  The clinic is clean, modern with high quality equipment and materials.  The downside is you're in the chair for HOURS because everything the students do has to be checked and given the ok by their teaching dentists.. which is a good thing!