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What do you see as success?

  1. manofmystery24 profile image60
    manofmystery24posted 5 years ago

    What do you see as success?

    Many people want to be successful, but what is success in your point of view?

  2. annerivendell profile image95
    annerivendellposted 5 years ago

    In order of importance: Good relationships with the people in my life, a roof over my head, enough money to pay the bills and more lately- passing my final year in college.

  3. jpesch1 profile image78
    jpesch1posted 5 years ago

    Success is being satisfied!  It's about living the lifestyle that makes you happy with a list of goals yet unattained to keep it interesting.  It's about being surrounded by people who love you but not so much that they smother you with it.  It's about being comfortable with your economic status but with  just enough stress to make you appreciate all that you have. 

    In other words, success is feeling that you are in just the right place, doing just the right things, with just the right people...for now!  But then always surveying the landscape because success is short lived.  It must be fed regularly to stay alive.

  4. profile image0
    SandCastlesposted 5 years ago

    Success is accomplishing goals that you've set for yourself. Success is also living a happy, positive life. Success is being strong for people in your life and helping them. Success is also that inner strength that allows someone to try until they get it right.

  5. profile image0
    NowPonderItposted 5 years ago

    Life is hard, so for myself, I measure my amount of success with my amount of happiness, daily. Who cares if I have a lot of money or friends or clothes? My happiness is what counts everyday. I can’t take possessions with me in the end, all I have, really have in my heart, is what I find that makes me happy each and every day. Each day is a new adventure to find that pure utter happiness, and when I rest my head on my pillow each night, I can ask myself if that day made me happy, and if the answer is yes, then I’m successful for at least one more day. Being happy is better than being anything else.

  6. FredBhai profile image41
    FredBhaiposted 5 years ago

    To me success means to be satisfied with what I have done and what I have achieved. If I feel satisfied, it means a success to me.

  7. whittwrites profile image79
    whittwritesposted 5 years ago

    I will not be around to see success because I see success as living in such a way as having a capacity crowd at your funeral.