What are the most important immediate information you need to know first when bu

  1. americanwriter profile image73
    americanwriterposted 5 years ago

    What are the most important immediate information you need to know first when buying or renting?

    What are the 3 to 5 most important things you look for right off the bat to figure out if you're interested in a home or apartment? For me its City/location, Size/# rooms and Price (in that order) when I'm sorting out a listing.. Anyone have any other key items they look for I was wonder what other people look for when renting/buying a home......

  2. Nbhd profile image61
    Nbhdposted 5 years ago

    Those are great starting points and are certainly the top one's that I would also recommend. If you have children or want them you may want to look at the school district. Not only is it important if you plan on using the public school system but also for resale. Another important factor is available parking if you have or want to get a car. Having a garage is very desirable for resale. Basically when you are looking to purchase a home you want to think resale first and foremost. Most 1st time buyers will resell in 5 years. Also, if you purchase a home and don't need to or want to resell it the things I've mentioned are great for renters if you choose to go that rout of having a rental property. Those two things will get you the most money if you want to become a landlord in the future. As for renting see if you are able to find reviews or recommendations from the landlord you will be renting from. Nothing worse then being stuck with  slum lord. I hope this helps you in your search and good luck!!!

  3. ArtzGirl profile image77
    ArtzGirlposted 5 years ago

    After renting in California for over 17 years, here are some of the issues I have found which you really need to be aware of BEFORE you sign your lease.

    1.)  Neighborhood -- is this a safe area?
    2.)  School District -- if you have kids, this is very important - but even if you do not have children, how close is this school to the property that you are buying or renting?  Will there be a tendency for students to linger near your home?

    3.)  Location, Location, LOCATION - how central is this to the areas that you frequent?

    4.)  Reputation of landlord or real estate agent - can you trust this person?  Do they have a registry with the "badbusinessbureau.com" - where they have manipulated and harmed previous clients in real estate or rental transactions?

    5.)  Unforeseen health risks - this is major in California:
          a.)  How close is this to the beach (possible tsunami)
          b.)  How close is this to a major fault line (possible earthquake damage)
          c.)  Mold issues - (create possible health issues)
          d.)  Lead based paint issues -- homes that are older than the mid 1970's will have you sign a waver stating that the landlord/previous owner is not responsible for your health - or unborn children.
          e.)  How close are you to a major freeway, are you up-wind - or down-wind... carbon monoxide poisoning is REAL... it causes a lot of different side effects, google this, you will be amazed.
          f.)  How close are you to airplane traffic, major mall traffic, land fills, or areas that may be soon reconstructed into a housing area... (i.e., canyons filled in order to create a new condo across the street).
          g.) Wild-life in your area, particularly if you have pets that like to go outdoors
          h.) Shared walls with neighbors -- this is major if you value your privacy and dislike outside noise invading your home.
          i.)  Location within the community, are you near the gate where you will be expected to buzz other neighbors with UPS packages?  Things like that can become very obnoxious over a long term stay in a certain location.

    These are just a few of the things that I've experienced.


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