Why has low testosterone become so prevalent in our society?

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  1. collegedad profile image72
    collegedadposted 5 years ago

    Why has low testosterone become so prevalent in our society?

    I had a doctor's appointment recently and the first thing the Dr asked about was my libido. She informed me that low testosterone was a growing problem in the American male population. When I asked why she couldn't answer. If it it s a growing problem then there must be a common cause. Any thoughts?

  2. Mabalani profile image75
    Mabalaniposted 5 years ago

    In Britain we've just had advise warning pregnant women that they shouldn't use a number of items we now take for granted including 'non-stick' utensiles.

    If that sounds like an aside, it's not really. 

    The current problem is not that testoterone has become low, rather, it's that oestrogen has become THE ubiquitous hormone of our times.  It is the basis of clingfilm wrapping.  Just think how many items are wrapped in cling film, and then of course there are contraceptives which we have been taking as a means of population control for the last four years or so.

  3. Just Ask Susan profile image89
    Just Ask Susanposted 5 years ago

    This article may help to answer your question.
    http://men.webmd.com/features/low-testo … re-too-low

  4. Alphadogg16 profile image91
    Alphadogg16posted 5 years ago

    Actually I think its a combination of things, bad habits/unhealthy diet, not enough activity/exercise in your lifestyle and steroid use has become a lot more prevalent these days. After the age of 40, its naturally all down hill for men and their testosterone levels. If it gets too low prior to 40, that's a really big sign of an issue/bad habit.

  5. Entourage_007 profile image84
    Entourage_007posted 5 years ago

    Low testosterone can be attributed to being over weight, not eating healthy enough, and lack of exercise. I just recently wrote a hub about what causes low testosterone and how you can naturally increase your testosterone levels.

    My dad was recently diagnosed with the same issue and he has noticed superb results with an herbal pill that his friend recommended him.  I left a link to the all natural supplement that he is using now.  Best thing about it is that there is no side effects.

  6. normanwinkfield profile image46
    normanwinkfieldposted 5 years ago

    Being an old timer, I have been blessed to witness three contributing factors.
    1. Our foods have been alter, the same nutritious value as I knew it sixty years ago is not there. The continue destructions of nutrition in our home the microwave, over cooking, eating in front of  the T.V.
    2. Alcohol, recreational drugs, smoking etc. etc. Let face it, we live in a drink  get a little high, be merry,  society.
    3. Coffee drinking.
    Low testosterone means poor overall health.  Taking testosterone pills or shots is not the answer, overall health must be improve.

  7. Alex-Zander profile image60
    Alex-Zanderposted 5 years ago

    It's funny that she couldn't answer to you, why?

    Its very simple.
    It's always been a problem.
    Doctor never told us about it because they do not learn hormone therapy in med school. One have to take a special course, as a part of continue education but because it is a very complex thing and the course cost $3-5,000 many doctors never do.

    If your doctor can't answer why, she is most likely not so good with hormones and i would not trust her with prescribing me testosterone. I seen many cases when uneducated and non experienced doctor prescribe testosterone and when side effect kicks in - they don't know what to do and they let patient develop female breast or to lose bolls, I am not kidding, ask any bodybuilder, they know more about hormone therapy then most doctors.

    You can ignore the fact that you low on testosterone and to age normally, nothing wrong with it. Millions of people chose to age fast and meet the end of days in no health.

    Also, whatever Alphadogg16 said, also true.

  8. profile image54
    Chalisa33posted 5 years ago

    I would like to contribute to the question starting with the
    1) life expectancy, people are living much longer than they did 1/2 a century ago or so. Of course you can't expect 60year old to have same level of testosterone as 25year old.
    2) Technology, it has made our lives easier. While technology has its benefits it has contributed to decline in physical work/exercise. Example farming.
    3) Fast and furious, our lifestyle have picked up significant amount of pace. We are prone to more stress in present world than our grand fathers in their times.
    4) Research, I don't remember my grand father having the specific amount of knowledge of what level of testosterone were normal and what were low.
    5) Foods? Maybe although our grand parents ate more organic off, today we have better knowledge of recommended level of vitamins, proteins etc


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