What Exactly Is Bee Pollen?

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    PhoenixVposted 4 years ago

    What Exactly Is Bee Pollen?


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    artist101posted 4 years ago

    It is a powdery substance collected from flowers, and plants by bees. Its proposed uses are for fatigue, cancer, and allergies. I cannot attest to its usefulness, as I have never tried it. Royal jelly may be a better source for allergies. Both should be purchased from a local vender, to be effective. On the premise that local bees collect the bee pollen, you are allergic to local plants, and pollen, so therefor taking a local substance would then inhibit the response. Much like immunology. The hair of the dog that bit you. Start out with a low dose, if swelling of the throat, or signs of an allergic response present themselves, discontinue use, and consult a physician. Kind of risky if pollen is an allergy of yours. Basically you would be ingesting the very thing your allergic to. Just my opinion.