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What exactly is dust?

  1. DanaTeresa profile image84
    DanaTeresaposted 6 years ago

    What exactly is dust?

    I was tested for allergies last year. I am allergic to some of the usual suspects: dogs and cats. But not to pollen, or mold, or anything outside. I am also allergic to dust. It just recently dawned on me that I do not know what dust officially is. What exactly am I allergic to?

  2. Dancilla profile image68
    Dancillaposted 6 years ago

    That is a good question.  I am allergic to cats, grass, and some fine wheat or something like that.  The doctor confused me on that last allergy that I have.  To me dust is something that is in the air, maybe even dead skin cells that roam around, who knows.

  3. shara63 profile image68
    shara63posted 6 years ago

    Dust is the fine powdery matter or the small disintegrated /decomposed particles of something such as earth surface or soil, hay, edibles, chemicals or anything which can be grounded to fine powder!

    This dust when inhaled by people sensitive to it creates mild or sometimes very severe problebs to them so are adviced to take precautions against it!

  4. daskittlez69 profile image76
    daskittlez69posted 6 years ago

    skin cells, mold, pollen, hair, insect parts, fabric.  Dust is made up of all kinds of things.