Have you treated Candida overgrowth?

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  1. Sharicey profile image61
    Shariceyposted 4 years ago

    Have you treated Candida overgrowth?

    I was wondering what is the best way to treat candida overgrowth. If you don't mind also sharing how you came to that diagnosis or course of action that lead you to that diagnosis.

  2. blueheron profile image96
    blueheronposted 4 years ago

    I think it's well understood that yeast infections can be cleared up by yogurt and/or probiotics (eating yogurt, taking probiotics orally, local application of yogurt). Yeast overgrowth is occurs when "good bacteria" populations in the gut are insufficient to control the overgrowth of yeast. Usually, yeast infections occur when "good bacteria" populations have been reduced by antibiotics.

  3. artist101 profile image67
    artist101posted 4 years ago


    Candidiasis is an overgrowth of yeast, and fungus, in the intestines. An unbalance of intestinal flora, good versus, bad. Among the many symptoms include belching, bloating, gas, heartburn, acid indigestion, as well as undigested food in the stomach, and unexplained weight loss. It can cause numerous ailments from IBS, colitis, as well as chronic skin conditions, to chronic allergies, airborne or otherwise. The leading cause of colon cancer, and probably all cancers.These bad bacteria are left unchecked, and in essance "take over". The culprits being over use of anti biotics,(all of them), extended use of steriods, (all of them), as well as a diet void of fresh fruits, and vegetables. Fresh produce provides "pre-biotics" that in turn feed the good flora, that keep you well. An apple a day, does apply.
    I know first hand the affects, and symptoms of candidias. I acquired an auto immune disease that affected every aspect of my life. From seizures, to colitis, to
    heart, to chronic hives. So to say have i treated candidiasis, I can say with a resounding, YES.
    Among all of the articles, information, and advice I give you the very best:
    1. Eliminate as much processed, and sugary food in your diet. Yeast and fungus thrive on sugar. Eat plain yogurt, and fresh live juices, derived from live food, they provide pre-biotics to feed the good intestinal flora, that keep the bad ones in check.
    2. Take a good probiotic. The very best is produced by DR. Teitalbaum. Probiotic pearls, by enzymatic therapy.
    3. Take an anti fungal agent, either prescriptive, which includes Diflucan, or Nystatin, or a Natural one, such as oil of oregano, olive leaf, or caprylic acid.
    4. Drink plenty of filtered or bottled water. Do not drink Tap water, known to contain bacteria, as well as other contaminants.
    5. Know that it will not happen over night, it can take upto a year. Remain steadfast.
    for dosage amounts, and where to order read my article http://artist101.hubpages.com/hub/IBS-I … Treatments
    I wish you well

    1. Sharicey profile image61
      Shariceyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Great hub! Thanks for sharing so much valuable information

    2. artist101 profile image67
      artist101posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      You are very welcome, It takes time and patience but you will prevail.


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