how do you cure a yeast infection for good?

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  1. shickie profile image54
    shickieposted 9 years ago

    how do you cure a yeast infection for good?

  2. Colebabie profile image58
    Colebabieposted 9 years ago

    There is no way to cure a yeast infection indefinitely. A vagina has a supply of yeast all the time. It is when the yeast becomes abundant that a problem occurs. Often changing a few things can decrease the amount of yeast infections a woman may have. Things such as introducing yogurt into your diet. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria that help reduce Candida (the yeast that causes a yeast infection). Also stay out of wet clothing, such as bathing suits for prolonged periods of time. Also keep good hygiene. It is important to clean and then dry off the area completely before putting on undergarments. Decrease the amount of sugar in your diet. Avoid being on antibiotics when they are not absolutely necessary.
    Diflucan is a prescription that works really well in treating yeast infections. It can be prescribed by a gynecologist and is only a few pills and is relatively cheap (especially with insurance).

  3. Brian Colborne profile image41
    Brian Colborneposted 9 years ago

    the best yeast infection eradication system on the market is the yeast infection no more system (ive reviewed all of them, i run a site that sells them)

    i have a hub on it somewhere...

    I do believe you can live a lifestyle that will completely cure any yeast infection , but remember yeast infections  start in the intestines and get chronic/systemic through living a lifestyle that encourages candida(high sugar and starchy foods, too much stress etc. Beware of using over the counter and drugs, they generally wont cure a yeast infection for good - just suppress the overgrowth for a time, for that you need to use natural methods (herbs and oils)and lifestyle.

  4. toctyih profile image56
    toctyihposted 9 years ago

    A yeast infection is caused by the imbalance between the yeast cells and good bacteria in your body.

    From my experience, the best way to cure a yeast infection is to change your life style.  Start eating healthy foods, more vegitables and fruits.  Avoid sugar whenever you can. Don't eat processed food.

    It might take some time but your body will eventually regain the balance and the nasty symptoms are going to go away.

    Watch what you eat every day.

  5. progame profile image54
    progameposted 8 years ago

    Dietary changes and lifestyle changes.
    Use natural remedies to relieve some of the symptoms.

  6. DIY Better Health profile image54
    DIY Better Healthposted 8 years ago

    Candida (Yeast Bacteria) is present at all times.  It is normal for this bacteria to be found in the intestines & hence your faeces.

    From what I remember about an article on the immune system & Probiotics.  I understand a little more about bacteria & Intestines.

    We need 85% good bacteria & 15% bad bacteria!!  This is the preferred percentage balance for our intestines to perform their role correctly.

    Coffee, anti-biotics and a thousand other things can easily alter the balance and these bad bacteria guys take a little too much control!!! 

    This lack of balance is where the candida bacteria tend to increase & flourish which causes all sorts of terrible problems. 

    I actually decided to start taking probiotics myself because I drink a fair bit of coffee. 

    There are lots to choose from but not all probiotics are the same.  Anyway, I have finally got my head around swallowing living little bacteria!!!

    It took me a while to actually decide to give it ago.  No regrets so far. 

    So load up with good bacteria and they will push the candida bacteria back into line!!

  7. futura profile image86
    futuraposted 8 years ago

    I agree it's all about the balance. I'm always surprised to see how many people automatically resort to using OTC meds to treat yeast infection. Even though it sometimes burns them!!!

    A change in diet is definitely the way to go, and the one two punch is the diet change along with a homeopathic treatment.

    Here's an article that explains the balance and what can be done little more: … rn/1053494

  8. harrybaguio@hotma profile image61
    harrybaguio@hotmaposted 8 years ago

    i totally agree with one of the commenters - yeast will always be there. You just cant hide from them. What keeps them from growing is your natural bacteria or flora.

    However, if you disturb balance that is when you get it. One of the ways we disturb this balance is taking antibiotic medications. Antibiotics kills the "Bad bugs" but, it also kills the "Good Bugs" that keep you health. 

    You see, it is like your in a Big croud. For example -The majority of the crowd are behave people and little numbers there are also trouble makers. The Behave people or your normal flora "good bacteria" keeps the trouble makers at bay. They can never create havoc because there are soooo many good guys. However, when you start killing the good guys with antibiotics the Good guy's number drops. All of a sudden then, the trouble makers overcrowds the good guys and wreaks havoc. So, be careful with them antibiotics. They can be good but also bad for you.

    The other reason why you get yeast infection is when your immune system is lowered - maybe from stress, physiological causes, medications (steroids, immune suppresants). If you have a battered army you will always lose the battle. That is why Adding fresh vegetables is always beneficial. Vegetables improves your immune system or your army, so it can fight infections better.


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