What habit of someone else are you most annoyed by?

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  1. rutley profile image64
    rutleyposted 9 years ago

    What habit of someone else are you most annoyed by?

    co-workers, spouse, family members, kids, general public, etc.

  2. loveofnight profile image73
    loveofnightposted 9 years ago

    My mate loves ice cream, he also loves onions and green peppers and cheese.
    All of the things that gives him gas he eats almost everyday. And guess who has the joy of his gassy farts that wake me up in the middle of the night. I find it so annoying that he is not considering me and the smell is making things worse.

  3. CraftytotheCore profile image75
    CraftytotheCoreposted 9 years ago

    I think what annoys me the most is interrupting.  It's really distracting when I'm on a roll about something, and then someone abruptly changes the topic, simply to interrupt or not allow the speaker to finish what they are saying.

    1. kathyjones1952@at profile image60
      kathyjones1952@atposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I so agree with you!!!!  I can't stand for people to interrupt me when I'm talking, either.  It causes me to lose my train of thought and I forget what it was I was going to say.

    2. Laura Schneider profile image87
      Laura Schneiderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed! Especially on TV talk shows (they should know better!).

      What bugs me most is when I interrupt MYSELF, which I do all the time (off in the weeds...), and lose track of what I was actually saying. Duh me!

  4. writinglover profile image81
    writingloverposted 9 years ago

    What annoys me is that if a person on kitchen staff (I work in a kitchen) falls behind, another employee is supposed to help pick up the pace, but said employee refuses to help the employee that has fallen behind. Said employee states that she's finished doing everybody's job and walks away, leaving work for the already behind employee (and later accuses the same, fallen-behind employee for not doing his/her work). How rude.

  5. fpherj48 profile image59
    fpherj48posted 9 years ago

    rutley......Are you kidding?  There's not enough time in a day, for me to list the things that can annoy me......Big & small.   Suffice it to say that they all involve "rudeness and/or otherwise commonly unacceptable behaviors."   
    People who drive drunk/impaired
    Loud, obnoxious, foul;-mouthed individuals in a mixed group
    People who believe that because they are wealthy......THEY ARE ALSO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD.......and UNTOUCHABLE
    Parents (using the term loosely) who leave their children in the car while they shop.
    High Pressure sales personnel
    People who whine, gripe & complain about EVERYTHING.....Constantly
    Bible bangers who feel obligated & are determined to SAVE ALL SINNERS
    "NOSY" people who ask very personal questions.
    If I don't stop now......this will be longest answer in HP history!

    1. Laura Schneider profile image87
      Laura Schneiderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      fpherj48, I laughed at some of yours! SO true (longest answer)! Especially nosy people: if I didn't/don't tell them, none of their business!

      Impaired drivers are cretins! Alcohol, drugs, elderly, young, stupid/careless/aggressive... ALL DANGEROUS!

  6. DreamerMeg profile image83
    DreamerMegposted 9 years ago

    I really do try to follow the adage "Don't sweat the small stuff and at the end of the day, it's all small stuff" but sometimes I don't. My husband and I take it in turns to make dinner (we are both retired). When he makes dinner, I leave him to it. When I make dinner, he has to poke in the pans, make suggestions and change what's bring done! Sometimes, I just tell him - "ok - you make dinner" and go away and leave him to it. Fair enough, he does it but he often continues his habit another day, unless he gets a "first warning" and decides he doesn't want to make dinner again! LOL

    1. loveofnight profile image73
      loveofnightposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      your husband must know my man. I always have this problem to the point that I don't want to cook. I think that I should just post signs all over the kitchen.

    2. Laura Schneider profile image87
      Laura Schneiderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Yes! That should've been on my list--"helpers" who try to re-engineer your process, which wasn't broken in the first place! I hate that. Especially when I ask for advice on how to do what I'm doing and they want it done all differently instead. Erg!

  7. kathyjones1952@at profile image60
    kathyjones1952@atposted 9 years ago

    I can't stand for anybody to boss me or give me unsolicited advice.  I'm sure they just mean to be helpful but I'm not 12 years old any more.  I'm a single woman and if I wanted somebody to tell me what to do all the time, I would have gotten married, lol, lol!!!!!!
    I also can't stand for people to interfere in my business.  That's being way too brash!!!!!

    1. DreamerMeg profile image83
      DreamerMegposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, that is one of my "life' lessons" - NEVER give advice, even if the person has asked for it. They don't want advice, they already know what to do, they just want someone to help them find their own way and that is by LISTENING, not talking.

    2. kathyjones1952@at profile image60
      kathyjones1952@atposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I don't mind suggestions as long as it sounds like a suggestion rather than telling me what to do.

    3. Laura Schneider profile image87
      Laura Schneiderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I'm with kathyjones1952@at! I appreciate suggestions given in the right tone of voice. It's the "You should..." statements that make me grind my teeth, not the well-meaning ones. And, I have a higher tolerance for some people's advice than others.

  8. Sparklea profile image60
    Sparkleaposted 9 years ago

    By my choosing, 'the general public'....what aggravates me the most is the way parents allow their children to behave in public.  (I can't imagine how these kids act at home). 
    Example:  I am at a restaurant spending money to eat a nice meal and enjoy conversation with a friend or my husband.  Disruption of a toddler screaming in disrespect to his/her parents at a nearby table ruins the meal.  How do the parents respond to a child hitting them, screaming, "I want!" standing on his/her chair stomping feet in a rage, calling the parent names? 
    Response: "Shhh"
    OR...no response.
    Example:  At the mall, I can hear a child having a tantrum far away...or in a grocery store.  The disrespect these boys and girls display toward their parents in public is the reason our world has changed so much. 
    These "intelligent monsters" (a quote I heard on a tape recently) are going to grow up thinking the world owes them everything.  Forget the word "thank you" or ever receiving a thank you note from a grandchild, niece or nephew.  It's all about them.
    Morning, noon and night.
    And parents are feeding into this.
    When I was a child, I was allowed to invite a few friends to the house on my birthday and share cake and ice cream.  A wonderful time.
    Now there are pool parties at the Marriott, Fire halls rented for a big party.
    A few years ago I was at The Tavern On The Green in New York City where parents were throwing a party for their teenage daughter.
    This is our new generation.  They EXPECT life to be all about them from the day they are born.  And this has begun in the cradle. 
    I see it all the time no matter where I go - the display of a tantrum, hitting the parent, calling a parent stupid, screaming "I want" - getting it - without a thank you.
    Sad, tragic, and so unnecessary.   Sparklea

    1. fpherj48 profile image59
      fpherj48posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      While I do agree with you that some parents go FAR beyond "liberal" with their kids...thankfully there are still adults who raise their kids most properly.  (This is more than HABIT...it's LIFESTYLE)

    2. Laura Schneider profile image87
      Laura Schneiderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Wow, I SO agree! I also know "good" parents, though.

      Unfortunately, even the best parents' kids have tantrums now and then at certain ages. How annoying for everyone that parents don't remove kids having tantrums from public areas, though!

  9. profile image0
    MysticMoonlightposted 9 years ago

    Lying. I cannot stand it. It drives me nuts. Some people lie about things just to do it. I've seen so many instances of people lying about things they needn't even lie about, they'd just rather lie than tell the truth! It becomes a disturbing habit for them, I believe. It's rather sad but it pushes my buttons severely!

    1. Laura Schneider profile image87
      Laura Schneiderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I think you're right that lying can be a 'bad habit', not just an "out". Bad habits should and usually can be broken, especially in this case--try!

      Flat truths can be bad, too: "It looks bad on you" may be true but finesse or suppress that opinion!

  10. Laura Schneider profile image87
    Laura Schneiderposted 9 years ago

    MOST annoyed by? There are so many... I have to list a few.

    * Driving too fast and not following traffic laws (stop signs, running lights, etc.)
    * Picking your nose in public.
    * Coughing into one's hand instead of elbow--great, thanks for passing on your germs to everyone who touches what you touched.
    * Not simply acknowledging a compliment by saying, "Thank you"--the folks who try to downplay whatever you just complimented them on should just say "thanks" and be done with it.
    * People who refuse to adopt modern technology. It's okay if they still have old, but it's time for a smart phone now, darn it! This is the 21st century!
    * People who don't say what they really mean/feel. If I hurt their feelings or did something wrong, 'just give it to me straight, doc'--don't beat around the bush.
    * Grown-ups who dress like slobs in public: hoodies, flip-flops, no makeup on women, scuzzy athletic shoes instead of shoes/boots/sandals appropriate for the occasion.
    * Clipping/filing/tending fingernails in public (unless it's a 'snag emergency', of course, then be quick and discrete about it, preferably in the restroom).
    * People who arrive early for appointments/get-togethers.
    * People who are clueless about how to deal with service dogs: petting, talking to it, greeting it before the human... ( http://lauraschneider.hubpages.com/hub/ … -etiquette )
    * Rude people.

    And more, I'm sure. This is just what comes to mind--now I'm going to read what others wrote! Can't wait to see what we have in common!


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