Would you hire an over weight Personal Trainer?

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  1. Alphadogg16 profile image85
    Alphadogg16posted 10 years ago

    Would you hire an over weight Personal Trainer?

    Do you believe in any profession, you have to "dress for success"? Would you pay and entrust your body to a Personal Trainer that did not look fit and in control of their own body?

  2. profile image0
    sheilamyersposted 10 years ago

    No. While they may have the training and experience needed to tell me what I need to do to get into shape, I don't think an unfit personal trainer would be able to keep me motivated.

    1. Alphadogg16 profile image85
      Alphadogg16posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed Sheila, they wouldn't keep my attention long either.

  3. junkseller profile image78
    junksellerposted 10 years ago

    Overweight and unfit are different things. Being in control of one's body can be a different thing as well. Some people aren't in control of their bodies. For some people, it doesn't matter what they do, they will never be a Victoria Secret's underwear model. Personally, I could see that struggle against one's own body as being a positive characteristic of a trainer. I wouldn't necessarily care if someone had gotten to the end of their struggle so much as I think I'd want someone who really understood that struggle and fought against it (and continues to do so). After all, it seems like a main component of seeking a personal trainer is to get help with the motivation to overcome whatever personal struggles someone has.

    Conversely, I can see situations where a trainer looks amazing, but it may just have always come naturally to them. They may have never been unfit and have no idea what that is like. I think the inability to relate to someone's struggles could be detrimental in terms of being a helpful motivator.

    Similarly some people look good, simply to look good. They may not always, or ever, care about fitness or health. In some cases they may actually do unhealthy things simply to look good.

    I'm certainly not saying that anyone fit or who looks good is a bad trainer, just that if I were looking for a trainer, I'd care about attitude first and foremost. If they can squeeze sweat out of me, and be positive and uplifting, I don't really care if they are 400 pounds.

    1. Alphadogg16 profile image85
      Alphadogg16posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You are absolutely right Junkseller, just because you look the part doesn't mean you have the knowledge or are better. However in today's society, perception is reality.

    2. junkseller profile image78
      junksellerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You are probably right but I always do what I can to push the idea that perception is NOT reality, futile as it seems to be.

  4. Lee Lee 513 profile image60
    Lee Lee 513posted 10 years ago

    I would I'm fat so it would be less embarrassing! smile

  5. dashingscorpio profile image79
    dashingscorpioposted 10 years ago

    No. I would be more inspired to have a fit trainer.
    Having said that I do understand that there is a big difference between (knowing what to do) and (doing it). Obviously it's very possible that a an overweight or obese person (knows) which exercises are effective to get into great shape even though they "personally" do not engage in those activities.
    You can be a great NBA coach without ever being a great basketball player. In fact in many sports the "best coaches" were not the "superstars" in their sport. Essentially you pay them for their knowledge of the game.

    1. Alphadogg16 profile image85
      Alphadogg16posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That's a great analogy dashingscorpio, but the way in my opinon, if you have the knowledge and don't apply it to yourself, your lazy and are of no benefit to me.

  6. CWanamaker profile image94
    CWanamakerposted 10 years ago

    No way.  I just don't see how could trust this person.

    1. Alphadogg16 profile image85
      Alphadogg16posted 10 years agoin reply to this


  7. profile image52
    MR-Ninesteinposted 10 years ago

    yeah one more reason to go to the gym heheh ... as long as he got or she got GUTS, thats all i need XD

    1. profile image52
      MR-Ninesteinposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      but i wouldnt pay tho XD

    2. Alphadogg16 profile image85
      Alphadogg16posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      that's funny, so you would just have them for moral support


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