What is an example in your life when you dropped the act and felt real?

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    chipped teacupposted 3 years ago

    What is an example in your life when you dropped the act and felt real?

    "We all have seen the movie Pinocchio as a child. A puppet that sits on a shelf. He wishes to be real. I have made that same wish for myself. I wanna be real. Drop the act,take off the mask and feel..REAL. Lately I have been going through the motions and I am pulled by invisible strings. And I've pushed down the hurt and I've held back the tears. And covered up the dreams. But beneath it all, the me I buried long ago.. Is screaming to break free. Drop the act, take off the mask and feel real."


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    xanderbluposted 3 years ago

    Once upon I time I was an architecture student, and for me, presenting my projects were always moments of special clarity. Moments where'd I'd pull back the veil and be bare. Not perfect clarity, but the closest I've ever come.

    One of those times I did a strip show (down to boxers) about a project having to do with fear. Another time I wore a mask I made out of my report card in protest of the grading system.

    But then another time I made my teacher cry. I hadn't meant to, she just really cared about her students, and my pain that I expressed hurt her.

    That's the thing about being real, raw, and true. It has power. I'm not really sure it is meant for all the time, so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Picking the moments and the people to whom you are real is probably enough, or at the very least, is a good start. Make an effort to once a day do something you wouldn't normally do or say something you wouldn't normally say.

    As for puppet strings, well, I think that is a slightly different issue. If you are talking about things society says you should or shouldn't do, then my advice would be to immediately cut all of them. Society is an idiot. Society thinks Justin Bieber can sing, spends half the day playing Candy Crush, and probably can't find itself on a map (sorry if that offends anyone).

    You are still really young, don't wait. Go do something unexpected, spontaneous, or wild and crazy.

    And in honor of being real, while I do like your question, I am partly answering it because I think you are totally cute. And yes, I am probably too old to think that of you, but I am going to do it anyway. Take that propriety!

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      Thank you for being courageous enough to  share your personal insights, experiences, and advice with us!  Also thank you for the compliment! wink