How do you turn failure into success?

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    stuff4kidsposted 3 years ago

    How do you turn failure into success?

    When something you set out to succeed with - be it a personal relationship, a business venture or a life ambition - fails, how do you cope, how do you turn that around and get back on the track to success?

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    rapunzel78posted 3 years ago

    well firstly believe in yourself and keep trying ! ... because even the biggest failure beats the hell out of never trying ... have faith in yourself ! Find the things that are important to you , people you want to be succesful for .. your child , husband ,parents anybody ... set goals and make promises .... and if you fail dont be disappointed just start fresh ...

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    You learn why it failed & you don't do it next time, it's as simple as that..What you don't do is dwell or look for blame, it's failed so you learn the why & you move on wards & forwards..You never really fail unless you don't start moving forwards again, & you can't/haven't failed if you get back up & get back on track..The quick way to turning any event/situation you see as a failure is to not dwell, & start looking/trying something else then your immediately a "successful person"..I honestly think we fail at things because of one thing only, & that would be "lack" of motivation..So before we start any new venture/relationship etc we should always ask ourselves, am i doing this out of a need to do it financially etc or because i love to do it..I tell you now you won't/can't fail at getting the things you love, not once you've actually realized what those things are..So my point is everyone will fail eventually at things that they don't love doing, as they will not be able to stay motivated....So whatever you do next just consider whether or not your looking for things that your mind wants to achieve, or things that your heart wants to achieve..Because from my experiences in life the things our mind wants won't lead us to contentment, they will usually lead us to failure because our heart doesn't really want it..So you have to consider everything you can as you try to find the things you will love doing, your mind will help you with suggestions but only when you actually feel something in your heart should you go for it or anything.