If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done?

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  1. sunidhi sharma profile image58
    sunidhi sharmaposted 11 years ago

    If you try to fail and succeed, what have
    you done?

    ha ha when u rely dnt know that should I cry or laugh hmm or just sit expressionless....tongue like a dummy.............however success always brings happiness u show it or not and datz an ugly truth .....

  2. lburmaster profile image77
    lburmasterposted 11 years ago

    Something amazing. If you attempt to fail, and don't, I have a high respect for your abilities. The only question is why would you attempt to fail in the first place?

  3. Infobrowser profile image62
    Infobrowserposted 11 years ago

    Perhaps this depends on what you tried to fail at in the first place.

    You have either succeeded at failing what you first intended to fail, and thus have both failed and succeeded.

    Or you have succeeded at what you first intended to fail and thus failed at trying to fail.

    So either way you have both succeeded and failed.

    Which of the two is the more appropriate outcome, would be left entirely up to your own perspective.

    From another aspect - taking an outlooking stance over the big picture. If you were trying to fail overall, and managed to succeed, then I guess neither would be true or both would be true. I'm kind of confused so I'll just assume you made a hole in the universe.

    From a philosophical stance - Many failures promote the success of learning from them.

  4. profile image56
    wim99posted 11 years ago

    One should put themselves in a unique postion to answer this question. In Japan, during Zen meditation, one often fails to answer the Zenmasters question properly. From the Zenmasters point of view, this is a win-win situation everytime, because the student always learns something new when seeking enlightenment.

  5. Brett Winn profile image85
    Brett Winnposted 11 years ago

    I would say that you were successful in meeting your goal, which was to fail .... lol!

  6. jeanniedoe profile image55
    jeanniedoeposted 11 years ago

    If there is no failure there is no learning. Without learning, nothing will be gained and if there is no gain at all, success will somehow far to be experienced.

  7. profile image0
    Sooner28posted 11 years ago

    You have done more than someone who did not try at all, for you put yourself into an uncertain situation and gave it your all.  The reaction that matters is whether you get up after you fail, or let failure truly defeat you.

  8. edhan profile image37
    edhanposted 11 years ago

    Failure is a start to success.

    Just like no pain, no gain for body builders.

    But it is only true for those who learn the lesson of failure. Some will simply cry over it and still unaware of the mistakes made. So, you will definitely need to spend time to go over your failure and learn from it.

    It may be hard in the beginning but nevertheless, it is a big step to move forward.

    Remember there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That is where the sunshine you will find.

  9. Attikos profile image75
    Attikosposted 11 years ago

    If you set out to shoot yourself but miss, hang yourself but break the rope, drown yourself but are thrown ashore by a wave, and poison yourself but throw it right back up, then you're a born loser and by that virtue an abysmal failure. Success is independent of the value of your objectives, entirely a matter of achieving them whatever they may be.

  10. donnaisabella profile image77
    donnaisabellaposted 11 years ago

    Why would you be trying to fail? You do not need to do anything to fail. If you do, then you are trying not to.

  11. Dave Mathews profile image59
    Dave Mathewsposted 11 years ago

    If you try to fail on purpose and you succeed in your attempt, you have succeeded in failing.


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