Customized vitamins?

  1. Easy Exercise profile image86
    Easy Exerciseposted 3 years ago

    Customized vitamins?

    I am vitamin D deficit so I now take a prescription for vitamin D. Recently the winter weather has caused inflammation so I recently started taking Omega 3 but now I am taking three pills a day. I wish I could combine these into a customized pill - "one pill", one customized pill; not one vitamin D, two Omega 3 daily. And I would like to add in Biotin daily but all in one pill.

    I am starting to sound like a math problem! I cannot believe we make customized sneakers but there isn't a place for a customized vitamin supplements.

  2. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 3 years ago

    This may be an answer and maybe not. I had a hair analysis to discover which minerals and supplements I needed for restoration and maintenance. Then I researched for liquid and powder versions at online vitamin wholesalers selling retail.

    I made a drink with cranberry juice and mixed them all up. It was actually cheaper that way being able to purchase bulk. That was my first thing when waking up drink. You just need more space for storage. Vitamin C, a liquid mineral supplement, and calcium are good examples plus liquid priobiotics.

    The next step is to get a Nutri-Bullet or spin-off brand and make a green smoothie (Not real thick) with the vitamins and minerals. Add some pineapple, apple, and maybe strawberry with spinach, kale, and change up the third choice of greens. 

    Oh yeah, I have Vitamin D deficiency too smile