How would you cope with a person who can't hear properly?

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  1. DDE profile image27
    DDEposted 6 years ago

    How would you  cope with a person who can't hear properly?

    He is  at the age of sixty three and often can't hear when others speak to him. His understanding is slowly falling away and focus is also showing less and less by the day and he does not see this happening to  him. Those who do don't know how to understand him anymore don't have complex conversations with this person.. How can one cope with  such issues?

  2. RachaelOhalloran profile image86
    RachaelOhalloranposted 6 years ago

    I had to make sure I was facing my husband and that I had his full attention and even then he didn't hear everything. He always turned the TV up way loud so he could hear it and I was going crazy.  We use a TTDY phone in our house, so he was ok for the phone. But for going to see about it? My husband was stubborn for 6 months and wouldn't go to get a hearing test. He couldn't hear me for anything, it was so frustrating. So, I started to "not hear" him when he spoke (turned the tables) and within 3 months, he said we both need to go have some hearing tests!

    So,Talk your 63 y/o person into going for a hearing test, and the audiologist will tell him if he needs a hearing aid or not.  My husband improved 100% after he got his hearing aid.

    If you have a Sam's Club or similar warehouse type store, they offer the test for free if he doesn't have insurance OR if he doesn't want to pay for it.  Sometimes all a man needs is to find out from a a free test that he might have a problem, then he will go see about it to a doctor. 

    Don't give up.  Good luck.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you very much will have to work on the hearing test.

  3. brakel2 profile image83
    brakel2posted 6 years ago

    As soon as my hearing made me turn TV louder and say what all the time, I went for my hearing test. It amazes me that others fail to sense the need. Some people listen to others who bad mouth hearing aids.  It does help if you face the person for better hearing. I think men have difficulty facing a hearing loss. If you can persuade him to go, do everything in your power to follow through. Good luck.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for a helpful suggestion will have to look in to the problem very soon

  4. Link10103 profile image61
    Link10103posted 6 years ago

    My uncle has had trouble hearing for years. I just talk louder and repeat what I say. If that doesnt work, type stuff so they can read it.

    He is almost completely deaf in one ear and about 80% deaf in the other. He is a goof because of that in all honesty. Recently though, he has been trying to get something called a cochlear implant, which is pretty much a super hearing aid that they surgically implant behind your ear. He has to go through leaps and hurdles with tests and doctor visits, but I would say by the latest he should have the implant by the start of 2015.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Interesting answer and very helpful indeed thank you

  5. elayne001 profile image86
    elayne001posted 6 years ago

    My niece had a cochlear implant, but she still has trouble unless she can see you speak. I am often at a lost as what to say to her. Also, my husband is deaf i one year and keeps the tv volume up to bother everyone else. He speaks very loud and has had a hearing test, but refuses to get a hearing aide. I have ringing in my right ear all the time and after testing they said it is because I have some hearing loss. Wish there was a remedy for it.

    1. DDE profile image27
      DDEposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It must difficult as well to actually understand the person when they can't hear you properly. Thank you

  6. Penny G profile image61
    Penny Gposted 6 years ago

    Aww, my husband is 61 and he has exactly the same problem.It causes many problems between us. I tell him things and he accuses me of not telling him. He will bring up something he says I said, and I will say I never said that! He storms off. He is always upset with others over his not hearing properly, when he has been tested and knows this for sure. He is in great denial. He now ignores everyone, causing them to think he is mad at them, or rude and disrespectful. I am getting so I just avoid conversation as it always ends up with him disgusted with me over not understanding , asking me over and over, and then later asking it again as if we hadn't talked about it, and won't admit he didn't hear me. His work will pay a great share of a hearing devise but he won't get one. SIGH It gets harder to deal with everyday.


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