Have you ever felt the pain of grass ruined under your feet ?

  1. AUPADHYAY profile image38
    AUPADHYAYposted 3 years ago

    Have you ever felt the pain of grass ruined under your feet ?

    Plants are as living as we are. A small cut on our body gives much pain to us. But the ruined plants under our feet should certainly have the same pain. We can only feel this pain, to the extent of which, we have felt maximum of pain in our life, earlier. In actual, plants are having extreme power of sacrifice but we, who are much more powerful creation of this word, have feelings of sacrifice to needy persons, not more than 10 per cent than that of plants. These are my own feelings. I intend to know what the other people think about it.

  2. supremeupbeat k profile image68
    supremeupbeat kposted 3 years ago

    no, I felt the pain claping a mosquito, running over creatures by my bike but for the cases of tree I do not feel the pain.

  3. bethperry profile image89
    bethperryposted 3 years ago

    I think I have, yes. But I try to remember birth and life and death are the natural cycles of all life forms on this planet. And as plants and trees may be more evolved spiritually than ourselves, I believe they understand the concept of this more than even we do. They sacrifice for this earth, which they are connected to in a very personal way, and I think they understand that other living creatures will step on them or watch them die until the end of time. They are an integral part of our great Mother, who not only gives birth to us, but sacrifices Herself to provide for us on this plane.