What's the longest you've ever stayed awake without sleeping?

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  1. NonCopyBook profile image71
    NonCopyBookposted 4 years ago

    What's the longest you've ever stayed awake without sleeping?

    I'm going to say two days at a rough guess, not that I could remember much by the end of it...

    Bonus query- I've asked a couple of questions out of curiosity rather than for other reasons but I noticed in my stats a reference to advertising (and disabling it) on questions.. Do people make money off question views? I didn't think so, including because I don't think it tallies with hub views (& likely doesn't attract so much non-hubber traffic), & no doubt this is covered in forums somewhere, but does someone have a quick and easy answer?

  2. Amanda108 profile image92
    Amanda108posted 4 years ago

    I'm not sure my exact timing... maybe around a day and a half, 36 hours? I got caught between a bad cold which made lying down miserable and a hypomanic state, possibly triggered by so many cold medicines mixing with my prescription medications. My body couldn't settle down. My brain was wired even as I could feel how badly I needed sleep. I was shaking, tipping over as I walked, slamming into walls. But I just kept going and going.

    I've heard your second question as well, that, yes, page views on your questions count like on your hubs. However, I've never researched this issue and the info I found all seemed a little unclear, in my opinion. I look at questions more as a way to be social and interactive, possibly leading people to my hubs - or even leading myself to them!

    1. NonCopyBook profile image71
      NonCopyBookposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your details on both questions, never good to hear when someone's suffering from illness like that... Perhaps that is something that has kept me awake for a similar amount of time in the past too- but you try and blot a lot of it out...

  3. tsmog profile image77
    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    Maybe 3 days or more. Can't remember. I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. One symptom is lack or not sleeping when hypomanic or manic. I remember a few times going for longer than 2 days with out sleep for sure I know of going longer than a week sleeping maybe 1 or 2 hours a day.

    1. NonCopyBook profile image71
      NonCopyBookposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      OK I hope it's all manageable for you, more than 3 days would be very rough...

  4. SCartright profile image60
    SCartrightposted 4 years ago

    Thirty hours straight. I was up at 0600 and worked around my place all day. I then started a late shift at 1600 and didn't knock off until 0600 the next day. By the time I got home, ate and showered I had hit the thirty hour mark. Admittedly, I was a lot younger; I couldn't do it now for sure!

    1. NonCopyBook profile image71
      NonCopyBookposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Sounds challenging (I hope you're not an air traffic controller wink)..

  5. marcelo.origoni profile image60
    marcelo.origoniposted 4 years ago

    I haven't counted the hours, but it's around 36 hours. Sometimes I do it because I need to deliver a project on time, and sometimes to reset my crappy sleeping cycle

    1. NonCopyBook profile image71
      NonCopyBookposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah I know what that's like...

  6. peachpurple profile image81
    peachpurpleposted 4 years ago

    a day the most and really knocked me out when I fell asleep at 9pm, actually at 7pm, i started to yawn with tears

    1. NonCopyBook profile image71
      NonCopyBookposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Time not to undertake any significant actions...

  7. profile image0
    Jacobb9205posted 4 years ago

    The longest I've ever stayed awake is 36-38 hours


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