Is writing with your left hand a disability?

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    asiat824posted 2 years ago

    Is writing with your left hand a disability?

    Why being left-handed couldn't  be an disability.

    *They dominate in arts to creativity
    *Left handers dominate in sports like boxing and tennis.
    * A high percentage of u.s. presidents are left handed

    Reasons why being left hand could be a disability.

    *They are more prone to having psychosis
    *Lefthanders die faster than righthanders
    *Lefthanders either dont ise the right side of their brain or they use it partially.
    *Research says being left -handed is caused by being damaged as an fetus causing your brain to rewire itself.

    So could being left-handed be am disability?

  2. Jonas Rodrigo profile image82
    Jonas Rodrigoposted 2 years ago

    No. It's a semi-rare genetic trait. Rare, but not really a disability.

  3. old albion profile image71
    old albionposted 23 months ago

    I fear it is a disability if one thinks it's a disability.