To rational, intellectual & logical thinkers out there, what are the correlation

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    To rational, intellectual & logical thinkers out there, what are the correlations between children

    growing up in large families & a lack of self-worth, little or no concept of individuality, being unable to establish boundaries for self, not being considered worthy nor special, & having no identity whatsoever? Children in large families(6 and more children per family) are not taught the essentials of having their own boundaries.  They are also never taught to be individuals but to blend into their family mosaic. There is no such thing as privacy nor personal space in large families. As a result of ALWAYS being FORCED to blend, children from large families have absolutely NO SELF-IDENTITY.

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    izettlposted 2 years ago

    I grew up this way BUT I was an only child. There were always adults in the house and a child's worth was very little. I was not allowed to speak up because I was "just a child". I'm not sure there's any research on this but it has taken me therapy and years to overcome this in my life in ways that I can assert myself, set boundaries, and ask for my personal space. Good luck...

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Children in large/very large families are raised as a single conglomerate in which all are part of one whole.  The concepts of individuation & individualism are strongly discouraged in such families for those concepts are analogous to selfishness in the large family environment.  In large families, children are numbers instead of individuals.  The group construct is encouraged in large/very large families.  Children in large/very large think & act in groups. 

    They are taught, particularly the oldest/older children that family comes first & they as individuals come last, if at all.  They must exist & be .....TOGETHER as much as possible.  Have you EVER notice a kid from a large/very large family spending time alone or doing anything individual?  Nope, me neither!  It is either a GROUP or NO thing at all.  If a child from a large/very large family dares to spend time alone, h/she is deemed abnormal by his/her parents & the rest of the family.

    Since anything associated w/self is seen as selfishness, children from large/very large families have little or no self-esteem.  One can say that self-esteem is quite a foreign concept for the average child in a large/very large family.  H/she has a very poor sense of individualism because h/she was inculcated that being an individual was bad, even a sin.  Large/very large family environments are not conducive to privacy as children in large/very large families live in the open & on top of each other..  Each one knows what the other one is doing, even the more personal things. 

    As a  result of the familial environment, children from large/very large families have no boundaries nor a sense of privacy.  They are also highly intrusive into others' lives & properties which the latter do not appreciate.  They also do not respect others' boundaries as they had no concept of boundaries & space growing up.