What value are you bringing to the world online/offline?

  1. suraj punjabi profile image88
    suraj punjabiposted 2 years ago

    What value are you bringing to the world online/offline?

    To be successful in this world you need to bring value to the table. You need to have something or be able to provide something to the world that it wants. So what do you have or what can you do or what do you provide that the world wants?

  2. kenyaentrepreneur profile image93
    kenyaentrepreneurposted 2 years ago

    I'd like to think that my travels and world experience bring a unique perspective to whichever discussion I participate in.

  3. manatita44 profile image84
    manatita44posted 2 years ago

    I have studied business, and this is how it approaches the world. Strangely enough, the spiritual life is quite similar, if not the same. The small is part and parcel of the whole; the microcosm is part and parcel of the macrocosm.

    I am a servant, like you say, both on and off line. Particularly offline, or else it won't work. For example, whatever I receive in my early a.m meditation, I carry with me on the streets, on the buses and trains, to work and back home again. One must be constantly awake and aware, and the life of prayer and meditation enhances this.

    I am a servant. I strive to serve, to encourage, to inspire, to elevate; to reach the Heart ...

    By so doing, I can best serve my brothers and sisters: mankind and act as a willing instrument of God, for the betterment of humanity. Hari Om!!