What do you do to reduce swollen ankles?

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  1. GoodLady profile image94
    GoodLadyposted 2 years ago

    What do you do to reduce swollen ankles?

  2. profile image54
    l r flintoffposted 2 years ago

    A good start is to lie down and keep them up, preferably above the level of your heart.

  3. tsmog profile image80
    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    There is really only one solution as 'treatment' unless due to an injury. That is to elevate the ankles / feet above the heart usually in a laying down position. I was able to do that in a recliner in an inclined position when I had a problem with swollen ankles / feet due to a medical condition. The swelling will lessen naturally and time will vary by person.

    There are many more solutions for preventative measures. Not sitting for hours or standing in one position. Add to that moving (exercise) to increase circulation. That can even be accomplished doing squats, extending legs back / forth in chair, and of course walking. The goal is muscle contraction.

    Less salt intake is a preventative measure. That leads to more 'water' intake. Not wearing tight clothes at the thighs. Wearing support hose especially designed for circulation like made by Jobst. Epsom salt soaks are helpful more for comfort. When accompanied with foot massage circulation increases.

  4. LongTimeMother profile image94
    LongTimeMotherposted 2 years ago

    lol. I have a bottle of gel I use to reduce swollen anything. It is 100% natural, made from New Zealand's green-lipped mussels, and called Mobicosa Gel. (Available online from http://www.newzealandsbest.com/?USA ) I've written about it in a few of my hubs. Helps with arthritis swelling, injury swelling etc.

    I don't know why your ankles are swollen, but I suggest you consider trying it. Only costs about $20 a bottle. I've given bottles of Mobicosa gel to lots of my friends over the years because it works so well.  smile

  5. ptosis profile image79
    ptosisposted 2 years ago

    I  think you are talking about cankles yes?

    The first misconception of cankles is that it has to do with leg fat, and being overweight but this isn't the only cause.

    My sister always had thick calves and could never wear knee-high boots.  But I think that's just genetics.  If you didn't have them from the day you were born then that would be a concern.

    clear distinction between the calf and ankles is affiliated with several health issues. Conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular risks, and even lymphedema can lead to cankles, Dr. Kathya Zinszer, a physician at Temple University's School of Podiatric Medicine, told CNN

    http://www.medicaldaily.com/what-causes … hem-247811

  6. Sandi Kroeger profile image77
    Sandi Kroegerposted 2 years ago

    Depending upon your age, many people have swollen ankles (and sometimes swollen fingers) due to congestive heart failure as they get older. As a long time RN, I have seen many people in the hospital with complications from this condition. Your heart is a "muscle" pump and as it gets older it generally does not pump as well as when you were younger. There are several kinds of "pressures" that keep a certain amount of your body fluid within your cells and other fluids within your blood vessels. When your heart does not pump your blood as quickly or as thoroughly as it used to do, fluid leaks out of the vessels and into the interstitial spaces in the body. Gravity plays a part in the fluid sinking to the lowest part of the body which results in seeing swollen feet and ankles. I have seen swelling (when associated with fluid buildup it is called edema) up past the knees in people with significant heart failure.

    Anyone who has ongoing swelling/edema in their feet, ankles and/or hands should consult a physician.


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