What is the best natural remedy for a swollen bug bite?

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  1. truthfornow profile image78
    truthfornowposted 9 years ago

    What is the best natural remedy for a swollen bug bite?

    Got bitten by something, don't know what, spider maybe?  Anyways, it got swollen up so I must have been allergic. I have been using tea tree oil cream but is there anything better? Prefer to try a natural remedy before getting on antibiotics.

  2. aDayInMyLife1 profile image92
    aDayInMyLife1posted 9 years ago

    What are you looking to do? Make the swelling go down? Ease itching? Benedryl cream or any allergy medicine should help the swelling and reaction. My favorite itchin remedy is pasty toothpaste, not the gel type.

  3. loveofnight profile image77
    loveofnightposted 9 years ago

    Lavender relieves the itch as well as reducing the swelling. Applying tooth paste is also good to help rid the itch.

  4. rmcrayne profile image94
    rmcrayneposted 9 years ago

    Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask.  I use it for preventing infection, taking reddness out, etc.  You can read more here:

    http://rmcrayne.hubpages.com/hub/Preven … her-Wounds

  5. cloverleaffarm profile image78
    cloverleaffarmposted 9 years ago

    Ouch! If it was a spider, it is going to hurt for sometime. The swelling is probably a histamine reaction from your body.
    Tea tree will help with any infection that may arise.
    If you are near a health food store, you may try a poultice of plantain (no not the banana type fruit). Look for Plantango major. It is great for reducing pain and itch from bug bites. A poultice will help with swelling also.
    You could also try clay. Clay will help pull out the toxins.
    Good luck, and be well.

  6. Tom Vogler profile image80
    Tom Voglerposted 9 years ago

    The best natural remedy I've heard of which I've used is baking soda.  Put about half a cup of baking soda in a bowl and add enough lukewarm water to make a paste and apply it say with a toothbrush to the afflicted area.  Used on poison ivy, bee stings and even chicken pox.  I hope this helps.

  7. truthfornow profile image78
    truthfornowposted 9 years ago

    Thanks so much guys.  Yeah, I had a bad reaction.  Thanks for all these great ideas.  Much appreciated.

  8. Jila777 profile image60
    Jila777posted 9 years ago

    Pure Lavender essential oil is great. It really works on bites, burns, cuts, rashes, etc. Lavender is just about the only essential oil that is safe to put directly on the skin undiluted. I try to keep some on hand at all times, especially in the summer because it works so well for me.

  9. coast2coast79 profile image60
    coast2coast79posted 9 years ago

    My grandmother would cut an aloe leaf and apply the juice to the bite. Although you probably don't have access to an aloe plant. Another thing she said is to apply honey to it. I cant say I've tried this either. I just scratch at them until Im more injured then bitten, I dont recommend this. It gets painful and who wants a scab or scar.

  10. Daughter Of Maat profile image96
    Daughter Of Maatposted 9 years ago

    Vitamin E works wonders on mosquito bites for me. It doesn't stop the itching as quickly as benadryl cream, but it does stop it, and it the bite heals by the next day. I use vitamin E on all skin problems and blemishes.

  11. teaches12345 profile image89
    teaches12345posted 9 years ago

    I use aloe.  I keep this plant in my home for such purposes as bug bites, burns, sunburns, and itchy skin.  You simply break off a piece and rub it on the area. It soothes and cools immediately. Also, a paste of baking soda and water applied to the bite or burn will help ease the sting and swelling.

  12. Dubuquedogtrainer profile image60
    Dubuquedogtrainerposted 9 years ago

    Agree with Tom but I would apply the baking soda with your finger or a tongue blade or something similar that isn't sharp or abrasive.

  13. Sparklea profile image60
    Sparkleaposted 9 years ago

    If I get a mosquito bite, I immediately apply straight ammonia to it over and over again.  This relieves the itching.  There is a tube at the drugstore called "After Bite" which I keep in the house.  There's ammonia in it, and it does bring relief.  It is a roll-on and handy to take with you in your purse on trips.

    I hope you are feeling better truthfornow!  Blessings, Sparklea smile

  14. nkrohini profile image78
    nkrohiniposted 9 years ago

    In India, we prepare a paste grinding fresh tulsi (basil) leaves and turmeric powder and apply over the  swollen area or affected part. Repeat it few times a day and it works.

  15. artist101 profile image58
    artist101posted 9 years ago

    For bee stings I use meat tenderizer. Take a pinch of it, about a teaspoon, mix with a dab of water, in your palm. Apply to the sting, as it tenderizes the bite, and drys, it will expel the stinger, and venom. Mud also works, in the same way, if you are away from home. Give liquid Benedryl, as it will enter the blood stream faster than a pill. Pills can take up to 45 minutes to digest, therefore taking longer for the anti histamine effect. A natural antibiotic is olive leaf extract, wonderful for just about all skin applications. I would think it would work on any bug bite, but if the condition persists, see a doctor, as it could be serious.

  16. profile image48
    crimebenedict2014posted 6 years ago

    If you (or a child) has been bitten or stung, the first line of treatment is to quickly check to see what caused the sting or bite such as a mosquito, ant, or bee; and get away from the situation to avoid further bites or stings.

    Next steps include

    If a stinger is lodged in the skin, remove it by pulling, brushing or scraping it out of the skin. Tweezers, credit cards, tape, and fine brushes can be used because the stingers are usually not embedded deep in the skin.

    Wash the sting or bite area with mild soap and water.

    If possible, without endangering anyone, capturing and/or killing the "bug" may be useful in identifying the "bug".
    Reducing swelling and pain

    I have used the following methods to treat myself and others, including children, with success.

    Immediate treatment that may reduce swelling and pain consists of ice packs wrapped in a towel applied to the site of the bite or sting (frozen peas or corn can be used instead of ice as it will conform to the injured area).

    Use acetaminophen or ibuprofen containing over-the-counter medications to reduce the pain. Avoid aspirin use in children due to the risk of Reye's syndrome.

    A paste or watery mixture of baking soda applied topically may help reduce itching; calamine lotion or creams containing hydrocortisone or agents like lidocaine will also reduce itching and pain.

    Over-the-counter medication containing diphenhydramine (Benadryl) can be taken orally to reduce itching.

    - http://www.bugandtermitecontrol.com/bugs.html


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