Should schools do anything about Sexaul Harrasment??

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    Emmaa Marieeposted 23 months ago

    Should schools do anything about Sexaul Harrasment??

    I was a victim of sexaul harrasment , and my school did nothing at all except set up a commuite meeting . That went horribly as well , the problem got bigger and bigger . I try so hard to cover body up , I always get something sexaul or touched . I try and tell and they push it off as if it was my fault . I will tell the rest of my story to this is I get other people's perspectives .

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    hubber8893posted 23 months ago

    A school is legally the highest operating authority inside its premises. If you attempt to execute an offence inside the international borders of a country, you are ought to be punished by the highest legal authority within that nation; same is the case of school for sexual harassment related offence within the school premises. The chief governing individual like principal of the school, is required to take action against the culprit involved in harrasement and meanwhile sympathize the victim.
    I am feeling sympathy for you and hope that my suggestion will work good for you.