What causes people to be a know it all in their teens and 20's?

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    Annsaloposted 23 months ago

    What causes people to be a know it all in their teens and 20's?

    It's fairly common. Teens and early 20's think they know it all, have a chip on their shoulder, or act like they are tough stuff. Around mid 20's to late 20's this usually begins to fade as we actually mature, but what causes this know it all mentality in young adults?

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    Ridhasabposted 23 months ago

    Hi Annsalo,

    In my opinion, this mainly occurs because teens and people in there earlier 20's are able to engage with the world more activity as they gain more freedom. With freedom comes responsibility, but people in the age group not aware of the responsibility yet. Primarily because most of them are still dependent on their primary caregiver one way or another. its easy to feel free and think you know it all. without actually knowing anything about responsibility. Take it from me, I was probably a know it al in my teens as well lol. In addition, the vast change in hormones and maturing body image may also add to the boast in Ego teens and 20's people experience.

    Hope this was helpful.

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    dashingscorpioposted 23 months ago


    I believe it's human nature for us in your youth to want to establish independence early on and have our views acknowledged and respected. Being a child is a very "powerless" position to be in.
    We hated having to ask for permission or being told "no".
    From a child's point of view adulthood represents freedom!
    One of the reasons many teenagers don't confide in their parents or seek their guidance in making decisions is because it proves (they) are not adults. They'd rather consult with their peers who view them as being equals. Teens want privacy away from their parents.
    Parents and teens tend to live in "parallel  universes" that only intersect when there are problems. This is even more so now with every bedroom having it's own TV and laptop as well as each child having their own cell phone. Some teens go straight to their room after school and don't leave until the next morning.
    Parents become nothing more than Human ATM machines.
    Lastly there is the "generation gap".
    Every child/teen feels like what (their parents) learned or experienced is "outdated" or doesn't apply in "modern times".
    If it weren't  for the teen's own existence he/she wouldn't even believe their parents ever had sex!
    However they still refuse to believe parents know what it's like to be "in love". Teens also believe they're going to "have it all" as adults