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What keeps you from what you want?

  1. Born2care2001 profile image73
    Born2care2001posted 4 years ago

    What keeps you from what you want?

    Try answering these few questions to get the ball rolling: At the end of the day ask yourself: What did I hunger to do today, to be today or achieve today that went unsatisfied? What hindered me from achieving my goal? How, instead, did I appease my hunger? Was it my desire or someone else's. What did I learn? What do I believe? What will I do now?


  2. baja2013 profile image67
    baja2013posted 4 years ago

    Two words: others' expectations.
    Whenever you left hungry for something, it is because you respect others' expectation. Sometimes it has sense but mostly not. Everyone has its own balance and it's always hard to find it out.

  3. profile image0
    Alise- Evonposted 4 years ago

    I agree; others' expectations can hinder you.  Sometimes you don't know where or when those expectations began, sometimes you do.  Regardless, they act as an automatic, internal programming system that often causes you to sabotage doing something otherwise pleasant in your life.  So, there goes that fun activity or item because "You don't deserve it, you didn't get 100% on ____ today,"  or because of any other negative message buried in your heart.  What do I do about it?  With Yehovah's help, I tear those old messages down and replace them with new ones!  Also, I practice forgiveness, put "it" in my dayplanner for a specific time (writing it down helps me actually do it), do my Healing Codes and make vision boards.  In these ways, I am changing what I "believe," am learning that Yehovah wants me to be happier, and am living a more abundant life by actually engaging in that art or music or social or ___ activity that I might have previously traded for some lame "busywork."  Great question, thanks.

    1. Born2care2001 profile image73
      Born2care2001posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Better yet, a great answer Elise! The further inside you dig, the more precious the treasure you will find. It was hidden there for a reason! Way to go!

  4. connorj profile image76
    connorjposted 4 years ago


    Quite simply my lack of speed. If I was faster I believe I could indeed make that quantum leap to the "big leagues."  It was readily apparent earlier today that my significant weakness is speed. Although I managed to reach my goals twice this A.M. it was also readily apparent that if I as indeed in the "big leagues" today I would not have met any goals or for that matter an assist. I truly believe I would have become overly negative also. As it was, I did stay positive this mourn as our old timers team won.

    1. Born2care2001 profile image73
      Born2care2001posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Well John,
      A delightful answer! Once I read your profile I understood the answer better, along with the reason you have "tree" followers! LOL
      Somehow, I get the idea there is a man of great depth behind the comedic sarcasm. Congrats on the Book!

    2. connorj profile image76
      connorjposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you, Born2care2001 and I appreciate your insight... Peace be with You.

  5. taburkett profile image60
    taburkettposted 4 years ago

    the answer:  ME,MYSELF, and I.
    I want it for me.
    I desire it for myself.
    I - I - I is the PC answer.
    However, if I wish to produce something required and important, then I need to accept the responsibility to teach others of the importance of the quest.  No other person should ever keep me from achieveing the truth.  When they attempt it, I must simply continue to support the truth.  This will then allow me to achieve the daily desires.

    1. Born2care2001 profile image73
      Born2care2001posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The acknowledgement of ones own responsibility is a primary factor. It is also necessary to acknowledge the importance of your dreams! You can do anything you decide to do!
      Thank you for answering!

  6. lilmissmeg profile image61
    lilmissmegposted 4 years ago

    i think when other people doubt what you want, it can cause you to really think about what it is your doing. For instance if someone important told you an idea of yours was stupid then you might reconsider what it was you were thinking. That happens to me sometimes where i doubt myself.

    1. Born2care2001 profile image73
      Born2care2001posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      There are many of us to whom the opinions of others matters greatly. I'm sure we can empathize you on this one. When you are open, you will listen, but please do not forget that it is just - their opinion. The answers for you are flowing within you!

  7. WoW Guide Master profile image89
    WoW Guide Masterposted 4 years ago

    Other things I want more. That's what hinders me from things I want. I'll provide a consumer based example, as the principle is basically the same as with goals.

    My girlfriend bought me a digital camera for my 21st birthday. She did this as I was going overseas to see family soon. I have never owned one, yet I enjoy the idea of casual (but not stupid tourist style blurred snapshots) photography.

    The reason for this, is that I am a student with limited funds, and other items crucial to other priorities always outweighed the need for a camera. Unrelated; but this actually made it the best present of my life. Something I really want, almost need and can use, but would never purchase for myself.

    1. Born2care2001 profile image73
      Born2care2001posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      A very thoughtful answer and congratulations, I hope you have a fabulous trip!
      I also liked the fact that you thought through your priorities. That's a great habit to continue. you may not always be right but at least you understand the consequences.

  8. lilmissmontana profile image88
    lilmissmontanaposted 4 years ago

    I suppose the best answer I can give is that it depends on what I want.

    With materialistic items, money is usually what hinders me. With emotional issues involving people I care about, it tends to be fear of rejection or disapproval. I also agree with the fact that other's expectations can deter one from achieving goals.

    Typically I appease my hunger with exercise, like a long walk or run, a phone call with a good friend and of course, writing.

  9. nArchuleta profile image92
    nArchuletaposted 4 years ago

    Unfortunately, money is often the big stopper for me. I want to have so many experiences, but so few of the ones I want (especially travel) are free. If I could wipe out my debt and even have a suitable nest egg, I would backpack across the world.

    My other big barrier is responsibilites, especially others' expectations of me. I love the weekends when I can spend both days in front of my computer writing, researching, interacting with communities, and then go out and be with my friends. I also love being in the classroom with my students. But all the other responsibilities... well, I guess some people grow up, and some of us don't.

    Wow, what a thought-provoking question. Thanks!

  10. stanwshura profile image73
    stanwshuraposted 4 years ago

    Fear, self doubt, depression, anxiety, cognitive and memory issues, lack of monetary, informational and other resources, fear of failure, failure...

  11. Beata Stasak profile image84
    Beata Stasakposted 4 years ago

    Perseverance and lack of energy, sometimes I have to give in to my body just doesn't want to listen any more what I want it to do....to my brain because it is just too exhausted to produce anything more at the end of the day and also to my heart because it is too bruised from unpleasant and hurtful experiences that it doesn't want to trust and love anymore....

    1. Born2care2001 profile image73
      Born2care2001posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Sending gentle, healing energy on international breezes so they might comfort your heart long enough to warm your spirit and strengthen the soul. Peace be with you.