Fashion Sense for Doctors and Nurses

  1. prettylaura profile image57
    prettylauraposted 8 years ago

    As we look close in it, when it comes to the medical uniform's color, usually the customary color is white, a color that inspires hygiene, but this is not a standard, the uniforms may have any color, depending on what the company wants. Some prefer in vibrant colors because it is nice and look good to see. But of course, white medical scrubs remain to be the best selling scrubs as usual.

    Recently, we can see medical practitioners in there colorful and hippy medical uniforms.Medical uniforms have gotten some vibrant colors and new designs that you are surprised when they take care of you because they are no longer in white scrub uniforms. Especially because the white scrub tops, pants, jackets, dresses, shoes, t-shirt, polo, and lab coats all have updated designs and styles that they no longer look like medical uniforms all too obviously.

  2. Alessia Amnesia profile image56
    Alessia Amnesiaposted 8 years ago

    Not to be rude, but what's your point? You left no room for discussion here. Give us something to think about. Is there something wrong with doctors and nurses wearing vibrant colors and trying to be fashionable? Does this affect your opinion of how qualified they are?