How do you deal with anxiety?

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    DH Reviewsposted 19 months ago

    How do you deal with anxiety?

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    Cissy1946posted 19 months ago

    Ice cream works very well. Especially ice cream with chocolate chips in it...

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    Jonnatan Rojasposted 18 months ago

    There are many different ways of dealing with anxiety, when too high is best to talk to a professional to get medication and a therapy tailored to your specific needs.

    If you have a lesser problem you can also try a few things:

    -Exercise, this will release serotonin and keep you mind focused, meaning it will help you feeling happier and take your anxious thoughts away.
    -Nature, there is a new trend on nature therapy that is showing good results, the idea is to visit places surrounded by green, even a town park works, as this will connect you with earth and bring you a sensation of calmness. It´s been proven and subject to study for a few years now.
    -Keep your mind busy, sometimes when you feel anxious is because you are worrying too much about what will happen or what you have to do, if you keep yourself busy you will feel better accomplished and there will be no room for any anxious thoughts.
    -Meditation, this will also bring a sensation of calmness and relaxation to your life, plus, if you dig deep enough, you will be able to find the reason behind your anxiety, helping you healing it in a healthy way.