Would women that give birth to more children age slower?

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    peter565posted 17 months ago

    Would women that give birth to more children age slower?

    I met my cousin and his new girl friend in a bar a few days ago, she is a doctor, so I asked her a question about aging, I saw from a medical article I saw online. Base on what she said, women tend to age much faster then men, after their 50s, mainly because, after an animal can no longer reproduce, their cell divide to repair any body damage, at a much slower and less eager rate. Her exact word said "its as if, once u can't have children, ur body can't be bother anymore.", so women age much faster after menopause. So, if a woman can differ menopause, through methods such as having more kids?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    In short, no. Women who have 2 children don't have shorter lives on average than one that had 12; the opposite was true when childbirth was major cause of death. Childless women don't have a lower or higher survival rate beyond the correlation between health and high IQ, since smarter people are less likely to abuse drugs, not take care of themselves, while low IQ people tend not to have very long planning horizons so they tend to have more children though historically they also had a higher child mortality rate.
    The woman's body along with men's has the same programmed genetic obsolescence, turning off reproduction when a child born to her has half the odds of surviving than if she put the same energy into her grandchildren. Men don't have the same function because their child's odds of survival are still good if it has a younger mother.
    Delaying menopause doesn't delay aging - it is a sign of aging.

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