Why do people not understand that what goes into our bodies directly influences

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    Cori Dposted 14 months ago

    Why do people not understand that what goes into our bodies directly influences our health?

      It seems that our society is very unhealthy.  We are plagued with diabetes, obesity, cancer and mental health issues.  Multiple sclerosis, lupus rates are on the rise.
      How have we missed the connection between what we put in and on our bodies and our health? 
      Why, when we go to our Heath care providers with complaints do they fail to regard nutrition as an important aspect that contributes to our illnesses? 
    We fill our bodies with chemical additives and processed food and wonder why we are unwell.

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    Luke Holmposted 14 months ago

    Like how oxygen. "Oxygen is killing us. While its role as the breath of life is well known, the destructive nature of oxygen is more clandestine, slowly chipping away at our health until symptoms emerge. Oxygen can break down the very cells that make up our tissues and organs, our bones and blood. It can damage DNA and critical enzymes." 


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    Tusitala Tomposted 14 months ago

    The way a very wise person put it to me is that we can get sick or become unhealthy by only two ways: imbibing something from the outside into our physical bodies, for example by eating unhealthily in the long term, or by poison, or absorbing something through the skin, such as too much ultra violet rays hitting a mole on the skin and causing melonoma.    Or, of course, an accident.

    The second way is by our emotional reactions to an event, real or imagined, which leaves its mark upon our psyche.  Such events are often suppressed or repressed but they nevertheless stay.  Within the mind-bodies they grow, eventually precipitating out into physicality, first as symptoms and then as a full-blown psycho-somatic illness.   For example, it is possible to get sick from continuing thoughts of revenge, resentment or grief.

    The message is clear on the psyco-somatic illness side of things: dwell (in the mind) on Life's pleasant things, not on the things you don't like.  Habits of the mind play a big part in our overall health.