What is the meaning for zombies dreams?

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    Katesseroleposted 10 months ago

    What is the meaning for zombies dreams?

    I always have zombie dreams since I was a kid and still do to this day I'm surrounded my friends or family or strangers in the dreams then suddenly I'm all alone hiding or wandering sometimes animals or objects speak to me idk I just want to know what this all meams

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    RTalloniposted 10 months ago

    Perhaps too much exposure to junk entertainment at far too young an age is a concrete reason for the cause.  It means that filling your mind with more than just positive thoughts is a real need.  Here are some books that could help you begin:
    Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges
    PsycoBabble by RIchard Gant
    One Perfect Life by John MacArthur
    Don't Waster Your Life by John Piper
    Trusting God When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges