What was one thing you felt strongly about today?

  1. threekeys profile image82
    threekeysposted 11 months ago

    What was one thing you felt strongly about today?

    Supporting another to try not to allow a wild native echidna be hurt or injured while being removed from the burrow it made in the backyard that housed two ready to play and charge dogs.

  2. Debangee Mandal profile image60
    Debangee Mandalposted 11 months ago


    Today early in the morning I had an irresistible feeling of disturbing a kid. Doing something naughty at times always make me feel good. It is always like a very big achievement.

    And there I got a chance. On my way back home from college I found a cute kid of 7-8 years of age sitting in the park. I didn't waste a nanosecond. I ran to the park and sat silently beside him. Then after sometime I stared, 'You know what there is a tiger in this park.' And the child looked really scared. Seeing this I felt like scaring him more. I started giving dreadful descriptions about tigers.
    And then when the child was about to cry , I kissed him and gave him a chocolate (which I always carry). The child started feeling better and I departed.
    It was a very naughty feeling I had and which I accomplished. I felt very glad to share it.
    Anyway thanks for the question.