How should I act in my age?

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    Ana adviceposted 10 months ago

    How should I act in my age?

    Well stop acting like kid and start act like in your age and always be good what is enough is "enough! Kids

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    nipsterposted 10 months ago

    This answer is going to be rather long in it can be considered offensive because it's painfully honest but if you want the truth here it is...

    When people say "Act your age" it's because they think you're immature.

    Webster's defines mature as "having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult"

    Assuming you're a kid, no one expects you to behave completely like an adult but, there's a certain standard of maturity level expected varying by your age.

    Maturity or adulthood can be obtained in 3 ways.

    Learn about character
    Integrity: Are you honest? Can people trust you?
    Selflessness: Are you willing to sacrifice for the people you care about?
    Courage: If something makes you scared? Will you fix the problem? or will you ignore it and hope it goes away?

    Learn about Finance
    Learn how to preserve money. Learn how to make it grow. Take care of your credit. Live on less money than you make.

    Learn new skills
    Always be learning something new. Learning is tough but, it can be fun and rewarding. Don't fall into the trap of trying to learn what your parents and friends think you should be learning. Learn what you want to learn. Learn what is useful to you.

    Build good relationships
    Always be making new friends. Do not discriminate on looks, age, religion, political affiliation, or physical appearance. Do avoid those people have a history crime, bad finances, poor character, and those who give up easily. Never ever stop making friends, even when you get into the nursing home still make new friends.

    Do not get this confused with certain hobbies. Oftentimes people associate certain hobbies with immaturity( video gaming, playing with barbie dolls, playing in a park). These are things that children do but, this does not define maturity.

    I know this message is long read it, and study it. I can't teach you everything about life; learn from others as well.

    Lastly, make your life fun and comfortable but never ever get get so comfortable that you stop growing.

    Good luck!