I just don't feel like myself

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    DrDavid6380posted 8 years ago

    Have you ever felt that you did not fit in and as if something was wrong with you? I read this great book-Letting Go of Shame. I had been searching for some type of meaning and purpose in my life and someone turned me on to this book.

    Shame is that failure of being-a feeling that you don't belong or have nothing to contribute, which in turn paralyzes you throughout your life. It causes you to have difficulty with change, relationships, work, school etc. I have sat there on the couch and thought, "What is wrong with me," and "Why do I not like who I am." I just couldn't figure it out. While guilt on the other hand is something I can figure out (e.g., yelled at a friend or said something I shouldn't) and hopefully fix it.

    Where does this come from? How do I move forward and start feeling like someone who has something to give to others and to myself?

    I often treat people in my practice who have these feelings, which have developed into depression or anxiety. I learned from a professor that "People who do crazy things are not necessarily crazy." This saying has been something that I often share with clients, as many feel like they are crazy and cannot pinpoint the issue. Shame develops during childhood and many influences can help mold this type of personality or create a shamed based person.

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