How to break bad habits such as putting off your work or goals for another day?

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    MadeInSummer91posted 7 months ago

    How to break bad habits such as putting off  your work or goals for another day?

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    Natalie Frankposted 7 months ago

    Sometimes procrastination isn’t so bad - for example some people work best under pressure so procrastinating until relatively close to a deadline providing they can still get the assignment done results in a better result that trying to do a project starting well in advance.  Yet when it becomes the routine way a person handles every task, procrastination can become a problem.  A few strategies to break a bad habit that you can try include the following:

    Put it in writing. Write down the task you’ve been putting off. Doing this brings the project to the front of your mind so you can’t easily ignore it.

    Break it down into small steps - Sometimes we procrastinate because something is overwhelming to us.  Breaking a task down into smaller steps can make something seem more manageable and increase our confidence in our ability to tackle the project.

    Make a Schedule -  Write out the steps you will take each day and check them off as you complete them.  You can then look back and see all that you have accomplished.  Each successive day it becomes that much easier to tackle what you have scheduled because you don’t want to ruin the record you have going and seeing each extra checkmark becomes that much more reinforcing.

    Get a Friend or Relative to Help Keep You Honest - Make a deal with someone you are close to such that you help them with a habit they want to break and they help you.  This means knowing whatever the next goal the other person is trying to reach and checking in with them daily to see how they are progressing.  When we know someone is going to ask us about our behavior we are more likely to change it.

    FInd Tangible Consequences to Help Keep Yourself Motivated - Find things to reward yourself with when you have accomplished small goals and large ones.  You can reward yourself for tackling a small goal on your list with things like a walk, a special treat to eat, talking with someone on the phone, or checking Facebook.  Larger tasks or several small tasks can be rewarded with larger rewards such as going out with friends, watching a movie, spending the day at the beach or other enjoyable activities.

    Establish a Response Cost System - IF all else fails - set up a cost system whereby if you fail to achieve a goal, you to put money in a bank that will be donated to a worthy cause.  When we know something will cost us we are less likely to do it or fail to do it.

    Hope these help.  Good luck!