Beauty'babe's Mole Update

  1. BEAUTYBABE profile image77
    BEAUTYBABEposted 7 years ago

    Thank you all of my fellow hubbers who gave me such lovely comments and send their sincere thoughts and prayers.
    It seems that they have paid off, as I am the bearer of better news than I thought I was going to have to give you.
    My Specialist has informed me that I definitely did the right thing by getting my mole checked.  I was told that if I had left this for at least another six months it had the potential to turn into a MELANOMA, sorry about shouting, but this is important. I was lucky this time, but if I had not got it checked it would have been a different story.
    I am telling you all this as a warning that if you have a mole that changes in colour, i.e. gets darker, of starts to get itchy or bleed. Even if you are not sure, please have it checked. I did not think it was anything at first to worry about, but it nearly cost me my life, please dont procrastinate.
    If you are not sure, please have it checked.
    I also have to look out for more now because apparently, the type of lesion I had is known to turn up again, so I will watching very carefully.
    Thanks again to everyone, from Beautybabe.

  2. IzzyM profile image90
    IzzyMposted 7 years ago

    That is wonderful news, BeautyBabe!
    I am so pleased for you smile