Learning to listen to your body

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    mer-french4cposted 7 years ago

    I am to old to be that romantic about the experiences I have had as a child.  Forty-five fifty years ago, it was an extreme luxury to go out to dinner.  At age 18, I would have never thought of purchasing a hamburger, believing I could do a better job;  when my grandmother toiled to grow and harvest the food in that garden, she did it without benefit of rototiller, garden hose, sprinkler system, fancy fertilizers or other modern conveniences.  She used a rake, hoe, her hands and would carry buckets of water, back and forth from the house to water her plants.  It was very easy to get tons of free manure and coal ash.  It was very labor intensive but her resolves were great.  My grandmother would go down to the slaughter house and get the discards from the killing of the hogs. 
    Nothing was discarded and life was hard.  Yet I appreciate the women in my family.
       My Aunt Annabelle was a real nutritionist at a large hospital in “Philly.” We would kid her about the kinds of food she would purchase for her family.  I learned from her to be mindful of what is purchased and what it in the food eaten at restaurants.  I am a label reader and believed that if the list ingredients measured more than an inch or more that two lines, I deemed it as a non-food.  There is a lot of non-food out there. 
       From my Mom, “Honey”, I learned how devastating a food allergies could be.  She realized early in my sister life that she was lactose intolerant and could not drink milk products.  I too realized that there were foods that I could not and should not eat just because, my body could not process those items.
    I also learned that some oils could be deadly for people who have problems digesting.
    A few years, my daughter would purchase these microwave dinners.  They were cheap, very convenient and she would take them to work and this was her lunch.  This activity went on for weeks until my perfectly healthy child noticed that she was loosing feeling in her feet.  She went to doctor and could not find any thing wrong.  She eventually discontinued buying and eating these dinner.  It took literally years for all the sensation to return to her extremities. 
       From my Aunt Katie who was a Home Economics Teacher, I learned about the many ways to prepare simple foods. 
       These religious women believed that the human body is “fearfully' made and that if I wanted to enjoy a relatively healthy life, I'd better learned to listen to mine.

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    lynnechandlerposted 7 years ago

    This would make a great hub. You should put it in one. Include some pics etc.