What is the best healing miracle you've experienced personally?

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  1. Kelley Eidem profile image57
    Kelley Eidemposted 10 years ago

    When I was in my twenties, I had chronic kidney disease. But I was fortunate enough to find a holistic doctor. They were rare then. He taught me how to heal myself through fasting and other practices, including hot sweat baths.

    In a separate incident, I developed Stage 4 cancer nine years ago. I was able to cure myself in two weeks. It cost me about $10 at the time.

    What's your greatest healing miracle?

    The best to you.

    Kelley Eidem
    Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

  2. Misha profile image70
    Mishaposted 10 years ago

    Now, after reading your hub on yeast I tend to take you much more seriously smile

    I even think that you might be up to something, and that I was way too fast to judge you last time.

    I apologize for that smile

    1. Kelley Eidem profile image57
      Kelley Eidemposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That's very kind of you, Misha. All is well. Thank you.

      The best to you.

      Kelley Eidem

  3. knolyourself profile image61
    knolyourselfposted 10 years ago

    Have any number of nuisance problems, but fortunately have never had a
    health emergency. However, go for prostate cancer screen in a couple of weeks, due to enlarged prostate. So am thinking, if knew only had a year to live, would I do something different, and if so would that be a denial  of everything am already doing?

  4. waynet profile image72
    waynetposted 10 years ago

    I do remember one time when I broke my arm and I had to attend a disciplinary at work the next week, so all I did was focus on getting better, drinking healthy vitamin c drinks, eating salad solid for a full week...regular excercise etc. then came the disciplinary and I lost my job...it was the single most miracle that could have happened, because it was then I discovered the internet and I have been here ever since, building articles and blogs and websites online, although I work in another job now, it was that single miracle that made me heal my life and realise where in the world I was going to go!

  5. SparklingJewel profile image73
    SparklingJewelposted 10 years ago

    Yes, I believe in miracles, too! But sometimes, knowledge and action create some very miraculous situations, as well. But the greatest boon is learning to connect with the highest aspect of your consciousness, that is where healing begins.

    I raised four children as a single parent, self employed, with no health-care insurance. I studied and took action spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to meet individual needs, for myself and my children. "Tuning in" to that highest consicousness (can be called God, Christ Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Source, etc..) is the healer, and connecting with one's soul needs brings the guidance toward healing, and keeps one healthy.A regular and routine, diet, exercise, pray/meditation/visualization, faith/belief, mental/academic development, psychological development, emotional intelligence, and playfulness and JOY smile smile smile

  6. wammytk profile image68
    wammytkposted 10 years ago

    I was very sick with yeast overgrowth.  I would get bladder infection every other month.  I finally found a product for Candida that was homeopathic plus it had a frequency in it also.  It worked within and hour to relieve the pain and after doing the program I have not had any flare ups.  I also gave some to my children to use as a rash contol for my Grandchildren.  It cleared up their diaper rashes with in a day, which is also a yeast infection I believe.  We also treated my Grandson with it for thrush.  He had been to the doctor 3 times and was given antibiotics, but it always returned.  After putting 5 drops in his bottle everyday for 2 weeks, the trush has never returned.  He is now three years old. I also use it for sinus, eye and other skin flare ups.

    1. Kelley Eidem profile image57
      Kelley Eidemposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That is a great testimonial to the power of God's natural remedies!

      It's my personal belief that in the US and other nations where antibiotics are in use, that yeast is the #1 cause of our illnesses. By far.

      So many people, men and women alike, who are sick but haven't been able to get well...especially since they are often given MORE antibiotics for their original problem...would find themselves completely well again if they would simply get their yeast under control and patch up the holes made by the yeast in the intestinal lining. this includes diabetes and every auto-immune disorder.

      The best to you.

      Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

  7. ArtCantHurtU profile image73
    ArtCantHurtUposted 10 years ago

    I  am a firm believer in dietary healing. after all we are made to heal. Too much yeast can have a myriad of symptoms, for me the foremost is low energy and dry patchy skin. I only noticed this after I did a diet alteration and took out sugar and bread.
    When I reintroduced a sandwich back into my diet, I almost passed out - the effect was so strong. the same thing happened when I ate raw sugar for the first time, after being off it.
    WHew! really eye opening.
    Now I supplement my diet with a super green food. It helps regulate my blood sugar and had eliminated the dry patchy skin entirely. Since it is nasty tasting I use Enerfood green because it is actually drinkable in juice. (http://enerfood.com).
    Check out my hub on it too (http://hubpages.com/hub/Super-foods-pro … ition-fast)

    I think the most miraculous healing I have ever experienced was when I took a very hard fall. I fell with all my weight onto my chest - right onto a deck post. It made a deep bruise about the size of an apple.  totally black and blue and very sore.
    A friend of mine was into the magnet thing and suggested I put a magnet on it, I was very skeptical but figured, what the heck. She gave me a Nikkon magnet the size of a business card.
    I taped it to my chest and went to bed. I left it there for two days and two nights.
    I swear I am not kidding when I say that when I took it off - the bruise was almost gone! It was only slightly yellow and not sore to the touch.
    I couldn't believe it !
    That was my experience and thankfully I have not had to use it for bruising since.
    I look forward to others miraculous stories.
    great topic!

    1. Kelley Eidem profile image57
      Kelley Eidemposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That's great info on both of your topics!

      I have a few Nikken products. I'm not a distributor, but they do have good products that help me quite a bit on an ongoing basis. Recently, I strained my neck and back. I'd put a magnet on it when I went to bed because my neck would hurt without it. But with the magnet, the pain would go away almost instantly.

      I've since gone to an osteopath who has adjusted my neck and back which has relieved the source of the problem.

      The best to you.


  8. Boss Number 1 profile image70
    Boss Number 1posted 10 years ago

    I belive in miracles!  It wasn't me, it was my husband who was healed.  When he was in high school, he had a series of serious joint issues that doctors could never diagnose.  His senior year he could barely walk.  This was especially excrutiating for him because until this problem arose he was a serious athlete.

    After high school, he moved away from home and continuously prayed for healing because he wanted to be able to play sports again.  About nine months later, his joint pain was diminished and he was able to try sports again.

    When he was 21 he walked on to a Junior College baseball team.  He hadn't played competitively since he was 15.  That year, by the Grace of God alone, he batted .487, was First Team All-American & the Player of the Year in Texas.  He went on to have continued success in his college baseball career, playing at Division 1 schools.

    I believe this was a miracle from God, answering his prayer.  After college, he re-injured himself and wasn't able to continue his career, but at least he got it for a short time.

  9. MrMarmalade profile image72
    MrMarmaladeposted 10 years ago

    20 years ago I had three operations, an 'out of the body expeience' and 10 days in intensive care. I believe that was the biggest miracle that ever happened to me
    Here I am still alive.
    That probably is another miracle.

  10. profile image0
    sandra rinckposted 10 years ago

    Having a baby!!!!


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