don't forget the the foods that are harmful to health...

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    You cannot trust FDA, and I say this with a sense of overwhelming sadness but there’s an old French expression saying, “Anyone who is in danger should save himself.” “

    Dr. Epstein________________________

    One practice in particular makes most commercial meats potentially dangerous to your health, and that’s the practice of implanting cattle with sex hormones prior to entering the feed lot, about 100 days prior to slaughter.

    This is done by implanting a pellet containing natural or synthetic sex hormones under the skin of the cattle’s ear. The objective is a financial one, as it increases the meat weight, and hence profits, by about 10 percent, for very little additional cost.

    As a result, nearly all commercial meats contain very high levels of sex hormones. Either the natural hormones: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, or the synthetic equivalent.

    “Our meat poses increased risks of hormonal cancers, which have escalated since 1975. Breast cancer has increased by 25 percent, prostate cancer by 60 percent, and testes cancer by 60 percent,” says Epstein.

    “Not surprisingly, U.S. meat is banned worldwide like rBGH milk.

    So here we are, in what I like to consider is the leading democracy in the world, in which we sell a staple diet — meat and milk — that are banned worldwide because they pose major threats of cancer.”

    In 1986 there was a report titled “Human Food Safety and the Regulation of Animal Drugs,” which was unanimously approved by the House Committee of Government Operations. In it they concluded that “the FDA has consistently disregarded its responsibility, has repeatedly put what it perceives are interests of veterinarians in the livestock industry ahead of its obligation to protect consumers, thereby jeopardizing the health and safety of consumers of meat, milk, and poultry.”

    Unfortunately, nothing has changed as a result of any of these findings.

    Says Epstein:

    “The American public are still eating and drinking ultra dangerous products in spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, and in spite of the warnings they have received from the rest of the world that “we will not buy your products.”

    … It’s almost like an Alice in Wonderland situation. We like to think we’re the greatest democracy in the world and yet we tolerate white collar crime, industry white collar crime, and the white collar crimes for profit.

    Not only do we tolerate it, we don’t raise any questions or objections to it.

    So, there is something the matter with the American public because they still implicitly trust government and my unfortunate and unhappy warning is: you cannot trust government. You cannot trust USDA.

    You cannot trust FDA, and I say this with a sense of overwhelming sadness but there’s an old French expression saying, “Anyone who is in danger should save himself.” “

    Making educated choices when food shopping has become a necessity, if you want to remain healthy. That includes avoiding all pasteurized milk, especially milk containing rBGH, and avoiding all commercial, conventionally-raised meats.

    One exception is lamb. Dr. Epstein confirms that sex hormones are not used for lambs, and since they’re slaughtered young, they’re mainly grass-fed, even when raised non-organically. It’s also fairly inexpensive, so it can serve as a good alternative if you don’t have regular access to organically-raised, grass-fed meats.

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    it is not just the hormones injected into the animals and poultry, it is the harmful pesticides and fertilizers used to grow our food.
    additives that are used in both food production and processing are causing diseases and for some reason some just close their eyes and refuse to believe it.

    another thread was started tonight about our food industry.