Joints are paining after 1 months of Coronary bypass Surgery

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  1. profile image51
    harshvardhan555posted 9 years ago

    My father has gone through a Coronary bypass Surgery at Medicity,Gurgoan in India.on 13th April 2010.His age is 70 years.He is non diabetic. After sugery he was recovering very fast but after 1 month but recently he is feeling pains at the joints of arms,elbows and joint pain at legs like:fingers & Ankle.Though, i have called to the doctor but he told me that it is due to the lack of nutritions and suggested me to give pain killer for 2 days.I have given it to him pain bit less but still he is feeling joint pains at the same area. Please suggest me, why it is happening and what to do? Do we need to worry a lot? And please tell me how long is the life for such type of patients?
    Coronary Artery Disease
    Triple Vessels Disease
    Recent ACS
    Angina /Dyspnoea on Exertion
    LV Dysfuntion

    Procedure Done: OPCAB X3 - LIMA TO LAD; RSVG TO OM & LEFT PDA WAS DONE ON 13.4.2010

    Thanks & Regards
    Harsh Vardhan

    1. Charles S profile image70
      Charles Sposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Harsh -

      Sorry for this late response - I just saw your request!

      It is now some months later. Is there an update on your
      father's condition? My father is doing much better using
      info from my hubpage instead of prescription medication.

      <snipped link - do not promote your Hubs in the forums>

      God Bless -
      Charles S

    2. hinazille profile image80
      hinazilleposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      hey! hope your father is recovering in the best way possible..

      if the joint pain is still persisting you can give him supplements such as Glucosamine & Chondroitin (they help to replenish the fluid in between the joints & rebuild cartilage that coats the bone endings- this reduces inflammation  and thus reduces pain)...

      another thing he can take is omega oil supplements - they have been found to be useful in arthritis cases so they may help with his joints...

      and in any case, even if the situation has improved by now these supplements are beneficial overall ... i hope this helps smile

  2. Aficionada profile image81
    Aficionadaposted 9 years ago


    A HubPages Forum may not be the best place for you to post this question.  The internet is full of good medical sites where you can submit questions like yours.  It would be foolish for any of us who are not knowledgable enough to try to advise you about this. 

    It is really best for you to listen to your father's doctor, ask very specific questions (especially about the nutrition issue), and don't hesitate to keep contacting him if you are not seeing improvement.

    But in the meantime, it is okay to seek out a medical website where you can ask questions and get immediate answers, if you need further reassurance. Just remember that your father's doctor has seen him and knows the details of his surgery and overall health.

    Both of my parents had Bypass Surgery and did very well with it, living many years afterward (my mother is now 92).  The other conditions of your father's will have an effect, but I don't know exactly how.


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