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  • Pinhole Glasses And Myopia

    Pinhole Glasses And Myopia

    9 years ago

    Pinhole glasses or pinhole spectacles are amazing eyewear. I discovered pinholes years ago to be an acceptable substitute for my prescription eyeglasses. That is, I see much more clearly with pinholes than with my unaided vision. I'm now aged...

  • Quick Fixes For Writer's Block

    Quick Fixes For Writer's Block

    11 years ago

    Looking for how to remove your writers block? Wondering why I left out the apostrophe? It's because as I wrote this article 1699 people typed into google writers block and not writer's block. So that's a matter of SEO, Search Engine Optimization,...

  • Taiping Snake And Monkey 1960

    Taiping Snake And Monkey 1960

    10 years ago

    That's me at age nine with the snake around my neck. Aulong Village, Taiping, 1960. Due to the poor quality of the photos, I can't tell what type of snake it was. Nobody died from snakebite, as I recall, so I can only assume the snake was...

  • Alternative Treatments For Arthritis

    Alternative Treatments For Arthritis

    11 years ago

    The first cure or treatment for arthritis I came across was hydrogen peroxide. Brief research online discovers numerous natural or alternative treatments for arthritis. For information about the H2O2 arthritis treatment please visit my hubpage...

  • Programs For Compounding Money

    Programs For Compounding Money

    10 years ago

    The idea of compounding your money is probably as old as the idea of money itself. It's no surprise that there are countless money programs online promising to increase your wealth. You can find hundreds of so-called HYIP's or High Yield Income...

  • 7

    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment Removes Solar Keratosis

    10 years ago

    I applied food grade H2O2 to a solar keratosis on my leg. After a few days of treatment the hydrogen peroxide caused the keratosis to scab then drop off, as you can see from the photo Is hydrogen peroxide safe to drink? I hope so. Because I have...

  • My USA Property Scam Nightmare II

    My USA Property Scam Nightmare II

    10 years ago

    Welcome to My USA Property Scam Nightmare Part 2. In case you have not yet seen part 1 then you can go here to read all about My USA Property Scam Nightmare. In the images on the right you can clearly see Ajay Ahuja's claims of strong cash flow...

  • 6

    Free Search Engine Submitter

    9 years ago

    I have used the submission service at Free Web Submission and found it very useful and very easy to submit my websites to various search engines. FWS provides an excellent free service, it does what it claims and I found it very easy to use.If you...

  • 0

    Disproving The Cholesterol Myth - Pauling Therapy

    2 years ago

    Have you been told you need to lower your cholesterol? Are you worried about your cholesterol levels? Do you believe there's good and bad cholesterol? Seeking a cholesterol lowering diet? Then you have been taken in by the cholesterol myth. This...

  • How To Remove Viruses And Malware

    How To Remove Viruses And Malware

    12 years ago

    There is a now a free book you can download. It's all about removing viruses and malware from your computer so you can clean your computer and keep it clean. How To Clean Your PC (It's in pdf format so you can simply right click and save as.) ...

  • Internet Money Scam And Ajay Ahuja

    Internet Money Scam And Ajay Ahuja

    4 years ago

    Have you been scammed by Ajay Ahuja? If you have - join the club! There are numerous complaints on various websites and online forums regarding self proclaimed millionaire and rogue (as the media describes him) property sourcing agent Ajay Ahuja. ...

  • 80

    My USA Property Scam Nightmare

    7 years ago

    If you want to purchase buy-to-let property you need to beware of property sourcing scams. In my case I purchased USA property through a property sourcing agent and lost over fifty thousand dollars.

  • Is The Atkins Diet Effective?

    Is The Atkins Diet Effective?

    11 years ago

    Discovering Atkins One day in 2005 I was in a library with a few hours up my sleeve. I noticed an Atkins book on a shelf and decided to start reading it, mainly because the Atkins diet was so controversial at the time. About three chapters into...

  • Cause And Cure Of Heart Attacks

    Cause And Cure Of Heart Attacks

    7 years ago

    I survived a bad heart attack at age 56. I'm 64 now in 2015 and in very good health without any of the six medications prescribed (for life) by my cardiologist. Knowledge is empowering. Drugs are not.

  • GNI Gold Nugget Invest

    GNI Gold Nugget Invest

    7 years ago

    If you were looking for a good passive income program in the last few years then you would have come across Gold Nugget Invest.

  • Article Ideas Tool Removes Writer's Block

    Article Ideas Tool Removes Writer's Block

    11 years ago

    The most helpful thing I've found so far for researching any topic or subject online is this cheap little program called the Article Ideas Tool. Although it's inexpensive the Article Ideas Tool is so powerful it cures my writer's block every time...

  • Bidvertiser PPC Super Traffic

    Bidvertiser PPC Super Traffic

    11 years ago

    This is how I averaged 9+ signups to my affiliate program daily using only free Bidvertiser PPC advertising. Bidvertiser, like Google, is an advertising service where you can advertise your business or website across thousands of websites on a pay...

  • How I Learned Egg Balancing

    How I Learned Egg Balancing

    7 years ago

    How I learned to balance an egg on its end and wrote a book about it. Ccan anybody do this. Is egg balancing magic? Telekinesis? Psychokinesis?

  • Clean Your Liver At Home - The Dr Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

    Clean Your Liver At Home - The Dr Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

    10 years ago

    In November 2000 I did the one-day liver flush or liver cleanse prescribed in Dr Hulda Clark's book The Cure For All Diseases. I'd read relevant sections of the book and her parasite theory made sense. At the time I was suffering from a chronic...

  • 68

    How To Reverse Cardiovascular And Heart Disease

    7 years ago

    How I found a cure for heart disease after a heart attack. How to prevent or reverse cardiovascular disease without drugs or surgery. How and why Vitamin C is the easiest and cheapest treatment.


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